10 Successful Ways To Recycle & Reuse Your Content For More Traffic

Recycling your content may seem like cheating, but done well, it’s actually a great way to offer small useful pieces of information to readers who want to absorb information in smaller bytes.

It’s a little like eating a giant delicious meal after fasting for 48 hours. Would you prefer to savor each mouthful, or try to shove the whole lot in, in one go?Content Full

Here are some useful ideas for recycling content:

There are several different types of readers in the world, detail readers, slow readers, fast readers and skim readers.

Skim readers, especially those online, will “skim” from heading to heading to get the gist of what an article or page is about, then based on that, decide whether they want to read the rest of the document.

You can appeal to skim readers with awesome headlines, and enticing descriptions in your social content, and lead them to the rest of the article with a link.

The cool thing about the fact that we readers have an attention span like a goldfish, is that we are easier to satisfy with small tidbits of data. But at the same time, that data now needs to be more awesome, useful or useable than ever before!

We have so much to choose from, to distract us, and so understanding your readers want is critical.

Before you repost anything online, make sure you are connecting with your readers where THEY are at. I refer to Browsers, Shoppers and Buyers in their various stages (where they are at in the buying process) in my book.

1. Reshare Images.

If your page/blog has several images, you can create small descriptions (aka mouthfuls) that explain the context of the image, with a link back to the full page.

2. Repackage your web site material into different items to sell or give away.

Create a podcast, an audiobook, mini video course, with your material.

Divide the page content up and spin it with Spinrewriter for promotional posts. Make sure you proofread and rewrite the spun article so it’s human relatable. I like using QUALITY spinning tools for helping me think of different ways to reword my existing content. I use SpinRewiter for repurposing my content (produces quality results if you watch the training videos)

You can then send the articles to other web websites or ezines for promotion.

3. Use bullets for skim readers.

Read this blog post How To Write Blogs Fast – Guided Writing With Bullets

You can write blogs fast and save time by summarizing your blog paragraphs into bullet points, with short descriptions underneath them.

An example is this page: https://activeadventures.com/media/blog/essential-inca-trail-hiking-packing-list/

It is a page I wrote – you will see below that this particular article is formatted in a way that shows up in the Google knowledgebase results too…
Writing With Bullet Points


3. Use Disqus or other content syndication tools so that your content can be syndicated.

This is a quick and easy method to get hundreds of individuals linking to your website.

Disqus, The internet’s favorite comment plug-in makes it easy for publishers to bring their content to life, fuel colorful discussions, efficiently moderate comments, and build engaged communities. Learn more

4. Contribute to your material and develop an ebook to sell.

You may not want to give away your free content, but if you can deliver awesome value to your readers, and demonstrate your usefulness to them. SHOW them you can help them, give them plenty and you won’t have to work hard to convince them to buy, they’ll already have experienced your commitment to helping them. By all means, create an ebook that is available to buy for a small cost, or better still, make it available for download via subscription.

5. Create a mini email course – 4 to 8 weeks.

Can you create a series of emails that teach people something? For example I had an email course called 8 weeks to softer skin with homemade skin care recipes.

It was a very simple 8 week course that people loved. I sold a book and a serum as well, and the conversion rate onsite with salescopy was about 3% (which is quite good for a cold sell page).

The interesting thing to note was that the free course offered with 10 Minute skincare recipes ebook version had a 13% conversion rate, and 7% of those subscribers bought products, and they bought MORE over a longer period of time. They converted at 9.1% from first visit.

Subscribers who signed up had a lifetime customer value of nearly double those who were not subscribers. And those subscribers requested I make other products to buy, they wanted to buy them from us, because they had faith and trust in the name (person).

This is a very good way to repurpose content in an easy to absorb way for your customers. You can also offer downloadable templates for people to use. You can use short (1 to 2 page) free material as a lead-in item for your cost based content or private website.

6. Use content for follow-up autoresponders from your web site.

A terrific way to encourage individuals to come back and revisit your website is to follow up with similar content for people who have taken an interest in previous content. Make sure it is closely related though or you could put people off.

7. Utilize the content to create a press release.

Create a press release statement, if you have any new product, service or tool for people. How to Write the Best Press Releases With 21 Examples and 7 Templates

8. Trade content with other websites.

It will provide you the chance to get new content and promote your website at the same time.–.

Repackage your web website material into various products to offer. Make it easy to link to your web site’s content. Utilize your free content as a lead in product for your fee-based content or personal website. When you add new content, replace the old content and develop a benefit item with it. It will give you the ability to get brand-new material and promote your web website at the exact same time.

9. Write an ebook and add your book and blog feed to Amazon

Write an ebook for kindle, a short but helpful one with links to your website in it, and publish it on Amazon, then add your blog to your Amazon author profile:Blog FeedsYou’ll get links from Amazon (worth gold for SEO purposes), and you’ll get actual clicks too.

10. Create links pages to other useful content as well as your own.

Resource pages like this one – the top photo is the search term and the second photo is the actual page with free PDF downloads and RSS feed list. This page continues to rank on page one of Google, and sends plenty of traffic to internal links on the page.

Rss Feeds Rss Feeds


If you download this sheet which gives you a sheet that you can plan content snippets with Lesson 3

Browsing Shopping BuyingDecide what content your Bob would be interested in at different stages of their buying process: Browsers are not actively shopping for stuff yet, they are just browsing, shoppers are interested in features and benefits of stuff, and buyers are actually in buying mode. These buyers might be interested in review sites, or may be shopping on Amazon and are already ready to buy. To find these people on Amazon you can use AMAsuites Keyword Analyzer to see what buyers are searching for. Or watch the video below to learn more about browsers, shoppers and buyers.

So decide what content could suit different readers, and plan out what you can post and where.

Remember to deliver short sweet tasty morsels to tempt them, and larger blog content that is super useful. Encourage people to become subscribers and tell them what you are going to do for them as a result – why they’d want to subscribe.

If you want to download my free ebook and get lots of videos and tips for converting more people from social media to your website, and from your website to a sale.


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