Blog Commenting Checklist

When commenting on blogs checklist


To build multiple links back to the Active website home and internal pages by commenting (NOT spamming) on other peoples blogs.
To create interest in the readers who have visited the page and have scrolled down to read comments. Many people who read articles like reading comments because there can be a lot of useful added tips and resources in them. People often follow links in comments.

First comments on a new post get seen first, so using Google alerts to find fresh posts is a big advantage compared to having your post underneath lots of others. You can also reply to other peoples posts and questions on threaded posts.


Blog comments need to acknowledge the author for their post and specifically point out something specific you liked and then add something that expands on their post. The idea is to contribute something helpful to the post and make it positive so that the page owner wants to approve your comment. If it makes them look good and adds to the post in a positive way they will be more likely to approve it.


Places to find blogs to post on are:

  • Google alerts
  • Facebook pages
  • Pinterest pins do a search on Pinterest for similar and associated topics.

Checklist for blog commenting

  • Pagerank and quality of text content. If content looks computer generated or has lots of typos and grammatical errors, avoid posting there.
  • Avoid sites with lots of pop up advertising that is spammy looking
  • Add URL where appropriate
  • Do NOT add only keywords to Name field, always add a name but you can inlcude Author or Blogger and a keyword or two in the text.
  • Add URL and if you like add ?tid=trackingword. This means the website owner (client) can see a visit to your link in their analytics data.

Use statements including phrases like:

  • How to
  • Why people
  • You could
  • If you
  • Ways to
  • Top reasons to
  • Tops reasons why
  • Why it’s
  • Things to consider
  • Important thing to remember is

If you stick to this format, you will avoid being blocked, and you’ll be seen as a valuable contributor instead. Although blog comments are not high value links, and if you overdo it you can get penalised by search engines, they are still a source of good quality traffic IF you provide helpful and useful commentary.