Business Ideas, the worldwide Unicorn.

If you are unhappy with your current job but you are earning good money, you have a nice lifestyle and it is something you can easily deal with… You need to consider how badly you want to be your own boss.

Why Are Ideas hard to come by?

The current trend is to open up your own business, wear a fancy suit and call yourself a CEO/Director/Owner then sit around and wonder why there is no money coming in.

Most businesses fail within the first year because the owner was not prepared for the hardship that is — being an Entrepreneur ( Yes, it is harder than being employed)

An Entrepreneur is someone who needs to be their own boss, it eats at you every day and drives you crazy that you can see a bigger picture but you are not being heard. You need to understand that not everyone can be an entrepreneur because it requires:

  • Vision — Ability to keep the goal in sight even within the chaos of a start-up and everyday life.
  • Humility — Listen! Every successful entrepreneur has had mentors who criticize, advise and direct… Listen to them (Don’t pick the wrong mentor either.)
  • Determination — You have asked 10 different businesses for endorsement or backing and they all rejected you. Be Determined and don’t give up.
  • Extreme perseverance — You will want to give up at some point, don’t. Keep pushing forward with your vision set on that end goal. Keep Pushing Forward.

You’ll notice I added humility which seems odd for an Entrepreneur who needs to have confidence and conviction towards everything that they do. Humility is an essential ingredient to being confident and backing your decisions with conviction.

Example of Humility through confidence:

I really enjoy watching Gary Vee who, if you didn’t know, created a marketing empire on the back of taking his Dad’s bottle store an focusing on selling wine under the name of the “Wine Library”.

As I don’t actually know Gary I can only derive information from his talks and Q&A sessions. In a nutshell, though, he worked when everyone else was relaxing or taking a holiday and relentlessly sought to achieve his goal. He was also one of the first visionaries to see the value of Ad-words on Google and YouTube on the internet.

He always maintains that he is arrogant to be onstage, telling everybody his life story and how to use the internet BUT… He is actually very humble for admitting his downsides yet accepting himself and trying to help those around him grow.

This is a strange phenomenon but by finding your passion and striving to achieve the best result every time, will eventually bring you success which you can pay forward to the next generation. “Gordon Ramsey, my hat comes off for you sir.”

Why are Business Ideas a Unicorn?

Humility is almost forgotten in today’s trend where everyone wants to be a millionaire but nobody wants to work for it. We are in a whirlwind of entitlement and selfish behavior and the only way out of it is to accept these traits as a weakness. Then, by disciplining ourselves to force a change of our mindset to physically work against this behavior we can start to uncover what it truly means to be an entrepreneur.

When we accept ourselves and start to help others, the ideas will flow because you are in the mindset of creating solutions to other’s issues.

If this becomes your normal state of mind you will find yourself loaded with ideas, always striving to achieve the best result, always looking for ways to achieve a win-win outcome and overall you will be a happy and content person with a sound work ethic and rock solid principles.

My last addition

Once we start to achieve what we set out to do, we need to pay it forward. Remember that all the money in the world can’t save us from mortality, but helping each other will make mortality that much better.

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