Just because you think you haven’t succeeded, doesn’t mean you haven’t!

What are you talking about, I feel like a failure I want to just let you know right now that if you are thinking about your failures, you are more successful already then most arrogant “know-it-all’s”. Take that and force it into your brain,” If I fail, I’m Learning. If I’m Learning, I’m Successful.” When it comes to making a success of yourself it is not about making money and that’s where most people miss the mark. If you love what you do, the money will come. The problem is when …

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Online Digital Marketing Strategies

What Is Digital Marketing? The answer is – a bunch of different things, a cluster of concepts. Digital marketing’s origins began way back in the late 90’s before the days of Google and long before the days of Social Media. Back when I started it was all about building content on your website, then creating links to your website. That was the only way to reach your customers. The holy grail was (and still for some businesses) capturing emails so even if a cataclysmic ranking event happens, such as what …

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Promote your Business Online

How can I Promote my business online? Promoting your Business Online can be done in so many different ways, we’d be here all day discussing the different methods BUT not all methods were born equal. A primary consideration for marketing online is what does our Effort VS reward graph look like, you don’t want to be putting in an effort and getting a marginal reward. This sounds obvious but you would be amazed at how many choose the hard work route because it seems logical, but the Online Marketing space has …

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I want an Online Business, HELP!

I’m New to the Online Business Space, where do I start? The first thing you need to do is your market research to assess the demand for your products and services. If you have done that, you can set up your website. If not you can learn how to do that in this (members only) Lesson 5: Audience Identification. Create a custom website First of all, you need to create a website. If you haven’t created a website before we’d definitely start off by acquiring an account with a hosting company. If …

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How To Use Pinterest Checklist

Purpose Achieving viral spread of Actives own and client photos using keyword rich descriptions and searchable #hashtags. Pinterest has a lot of viral potential and boards can rank in Search Engine results Policy Use high-quality photos and videos that have well-researched keyword content based on popular or trending topics. Use popular #hashtags in your posts and similar keywords to posts and boards with lots of likes. Procedure Use google analytics converting keyword phrases to search for trending topics. Google trends is another good source of keywords. Choose high-quality photos that …

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Lesson 6: Using Social Media For Pre-Conditioning Potential Customers

Problems: Sending people direct to checkout – or to pages that aren’t satisfying Bob at the right stages of his/her experience. Not helping your visitors to overcome obstacles to buying. Solutions: Answer questions offsite and onsite with well planned content. Share snippets or previews of that content on Social Media to bring people to your website. Preciprocate and deliver value early on and right the way through your sales funnel process. Improve the quality of your visitors by improving your content. Without Having To: Spend lots of time guessing what …

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How To Use LinkedIn Checklist

LinkedIn Post Checklist Purpose To create a visible presence on Linkedin Policy LinkedIn is a place to post helpful information, not entertain. So keep content of a high standard and related to business or industry. Procedure Add: Images – good quality pictures and videos Create and contribute to discussions that are relevant to your audience Add URL where appropriate Comment on other posts/discussions and add useful ideas and contributions Endorse and invite other members Use statements including phrases like: How to Why people You could If you Ways to Top …

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Youtube Submission Checklist

YouTube Post Checklist Purpose: To offer a visual taste of your brand through videos with inclusion of viral content that is ‘shareable’. Policy: To best promote videos with good SEO value, videos description to be both accurate and interesting. Link URL back to your website for link value. Procedure: Find popular and hot trending video topics in google trends and by looking at google analytics converting keyword clusters. Youtube videos should have concise descriptions, breaking portions into keyword rich titles with time stamps e.g. 1:00 Section One (keyword), 2:10 Section …

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How To Use Google Plus Checklist

Google Plus Site Optimisation and Traffic Strategy


Google Plus meets several SEO and search relevance goals when launching and promoting a website. It can help new sites get out if Googles “sandbox” (probation period) earlier than if they did not choose to use Google Plus. This is because Google likes links from it’s own sites, and counts them as credible.

  1. SEO links from Google Plus pages are counted as actual links to a website from Google itself. They provide credibility especially for new websites.
  2. Google Plus posts may also show in search results which dramatically increase the likelihood of a click through to the website from a private search. See example below under policy.
  3. Google Plus images are favoured for showing in Google image searches.
  4. Google looks at relationships with authoritative and relevant identities. How this helps a website is that it gives Google a very clear indicator of who and what relevance the website has to the audience. This means that if your website or account is connected with similar or overlapping audiences with similar interests, this may influence what content is shown to searchers seeking information on these topics. In other words – the relevance score of your Google Plus audience can directly influence how pages that have been shared on Google plus rank in search results.


Google Posts need to contain high quality images with a Bolded title and 200 plus characters describing the page the post links to. Links need to be added via the link field. You can Bold a title and make it a “Title” by adding *asterisks around it like below “Best Time to hike to Machu Picchu Best Time to visit Machu Picchu”:




Google Plus posts are like mini posts in their own right. People searching Google Plus for images or searching collections can find your content easily. So creating one to several posts about every page gives maximum exposure for each image and post.

Create multiple posts and descriptions for each GPlus post describing the image and page paragraph each image is associated with. Title should be the same with *Title* emphasized.

Follow the followers of big companies in your industry.

Comment of big sites images/posts when relevant. Post to relevant communities two times a week.

Add photo albums when possible to collections. Use keyword rich titles with soft calls to action in the text. Use hashtags that relate to other big players.

When adding photos, if the page you want to link to has great photos (and it should), submit your page via the URL link. This is because Google treats these posts differently and gives them more kudos. They consider these higher value links to your website.

Google plus posting procedures


When posting to Google Plus (and circling people) quality is key, quantity is not.

How To Use Instagram

What is Instagram? First of all, you need to understand what Instagram is. Instagram is a social media tool that uses visual impact above all else. The top Instagram accounts are either people famous on another platform or, THIS is really important, people who take beautiful photos and have amazing content to go with it. At this point you’re starting to lose hope BUT, amazing content doesn’t have to be long and beautiful photos can be taken on a high-end cellphone. Where to start? Instagram is all about relevance and …

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