How to Focus on your business and make it Successful

Firstly, there is something we need to make sure of, it is important for every business and it is fundamental to success… It’s important to be happy. A business does not have problems, we have personal problems that reflect in our business. If you are happy, your businesses will follow suit. We help E-Commerce Business Owners succeed online with our Positive Mindset training & Automated Digital Marketing Strategy coaching, that will give you explosive results, using the following process: You’ll be personally mentored, using a step-by-step recipe that will guarantee your success. We’ll …

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Business Ideas, the worldwide Unicorn.

If you are unhappy with your current job but you are earning good money, you have a nice lifestyle and it is something you can easily deal with… You need to consider how badly you want to be your own boss. Why Are Ideas hard to come by? The current trend is to open up your own business, wear a fancy suit and call yourself a CEO/Director/Owner then sit around and wonder why there is no money coming in. Most businesses fail within the first year because the owner was not prepared …

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What does Business Freedom mean?

Work Free Tropical Vacation

The Meaning of Freedom Well, when I think of freedom it is generally the cliche’ vision of a man running through a field of flowers, with a can of beer in one hand and his wife’s hand in the other… Or something like that. Is that really it though? The man running through the open field without a care in the world, or so it would seem. All we need to do is dig a bit deeper to unveil some pretty disturbing facts about “freedom”. This man and his wife, …

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Just because you think you haven’t succeeded, doesn’t mean you haven’t!

Never stop learning

What are you talking about, I feel like a failure I want to just let you know right now that if you are thinking about your failures, you are more successful already then most arrogant “know-it-all’s”. Take that and force it into your brain,” If I fail, I’m Learning. If I’m Learning, I’m Successful.” When it comes to making a success of yourself it is not about making money and that’s where most people miss the mark. If you love what you do, the money will come. The problem is when …

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You’ll never get anywhere waiting for other people

annoyed with procrastinators

What it’s like waiting for people Generally, people think I’m a nice person, I work hard and I’m brutally honest (That doesn’t always help my situation but people always know where they stand.) Annoyed, waiting for procrastinators again This straight-up way can make anyone come across arrogant and especially if you are a driven person and you NEED to keep pushing forward because you have goals you want to achieve. It’s really difficult for a person (Yes, there are more people who have the same traits ) mentioned above, to wait …

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Getting yourself motivated for business

Tropical Vacation Work

How do you motivate yourself to work? Trust me, you are not the only one to ask this question and you won’t be the last BUT how do you motivate yourself to get working and stop procrastinating? While you are busy reading we’d love to send you our latest Private SMF Newsletter: [mc4wp_form id=”19552″] I’ll be brutally honest, I’m sitting here considering the nice cozy bed in the next room but if I don’t work who will? I find THIS to be the first step to making myself sit and …

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Online Digital Marketing Strategies

Your Decision

What Is Digital Marketing? The answer is – a bunch of different things, a cluster of concepts. Digital marketing’s origins began way back in the late 90’s before the days of Google and long before the days of Social Media. Back when I started it was all about building content on your website, then creating links to your website. That was the only way to reach your customers. The holy grail was (and still for some businesses) capturing emails so even if a cataclysmic ranking event happens, such as what …

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Promote your Business Online


How can I Promote my business online? Promoting your Business Online can be done in so many different ways, we’d be here all day discussing the different methods BUT not all methods were born equal. A primary consideration for marketing online is what does our Effort VS reward graph look like, you don’t want to be putting in an effort and getting a marginal reward. This sounds obvious but you would be amazed at how many choose the hard work route because it seems logical, but the Online Marketing space has …

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What Most Social Media Marketing Courses Are Missing

Digital Marketing Goals

As an internet marketer since 2004, I have watched the rise of Social Media from zero to a frenzied marketplace with all kinds of businesses jostling for position. Back in my early days online (15 years ago), the only traffic we could get came from adwords, referrals and organic traffic generated by some serious link building and carefully crafted onsite SEO. There were fundamental rules you simply could not break, if you wanted to grow and avoid risking loss of rankings – and traffic! Those rules still apply today, no …

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Streaming on Twitch


Why would I want to Stream on Twitch? Twitch is the biggest online platform for streaming anything from e-sports, social gaming and even your day-to-day life. Now don’t get Streaming confused with online video, that award goes to YouTube. Streaming is a LIVE feed of your camera showing the viewer an unfiltered and unedited “show”. This makes it the best platform for talking directly to your fans and loyal supporters. Of course not every business is going to need a Twitch presence but if you are in the business of building …

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