Getting yourself motivated for business

How do you motivate yourself to work?

Trust me, you are not the only one to ask this question and you won’t be the last BUT how do you motivate yourself to get working and stop procrastinating?

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I’ll be brutally honest, I’m sitting here considering the nice cozy bed in the next room but if I don’t work who will? I find THIS to be the first step to making myself sit and work. At this point, I want to point something out that takes everything you’ve read and throws it out the window… There is NO such thing as motivation. WHAT!!!??? Lost Motivation Ok, let me clarify… We all get inspired by a number of things:

  • Places – those crystal blue waters of the Maldives
  • People – Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Trum… oh damn that’s on the uninspiring list.
  • Conversations – watch a conversation with Tony Robbins or Gary Vee.
  • Compliments – We all love it when we do well by someone and they give us complimentary feedback.
  • Criticism – The weak-points are sometimes unclear until someone else points it out. NEVER, take someone’s feedback as negative even if conventionally we should. Always try to see the point even if they are being horrible about it.
  • Insults – These are the best, insults are generally because of someone else’s insecurity about your best features.
  • Abuse – This is never great to be involved in but, by going through tough times you can help others. Always see the positive in every experience
  • Love – This makes us happy, period.
  • Emotional connections – Connecting to someone emotionally through common ground makes us feel like we are not alone.
  • Being told what to do – Some of us like to be told what to do
  • Not wanting to do, what you are told to do (you cheeky bugger)

There are so many different ways we get inspired it is really only limited by your own mind. When we get inspired we have a flow of “juices” and we can concentrate and get our heads down into our work. BUT, that means that inspiration is motivation so why does that matter? That means you can create what you need to get working, that’s like growing money on trees. You need to discipline yourself to work and inspire yourself to improve the quality and quantity. Let us think of this business as a Racecar. As the driver, you are the only one that can drive the Racecar to its maximum capability based on your own skill… BUT without fuel, you won’t move an inch. This means that you are ALREADY capable of Driving your business but in order to fuel yourself, you need to capture that inspiration so that you can turn to it whenever you lose focus.

Keeping yourself motivated/Inspired

Here is a list of different ways to keep yourself motivated:

  • Get-aways – we all love going away. This could be as simple as hiking your local hills.
  • Sport – exercise releases endorphins into your system and will make you more positive. Plus you’ll get into shape which will make you feel positive, snow-balling positivity.
  • Hobbies – I love flying model aircraft, real aircraft, and helicopters… what do you love to do?
  • Working more – You probably won’t be looking at this article if you get inspired by working harder.

You are not limited to this list and just find something you love to do and make time to do it. When you are doing it though, don’t let yourself get interrupted, leave your cell phone at home. I cannot stress the importance of getting away to clear your mind and reset your thought process, you just need to force yourself to get away and set that time you need as “unavailable”.

Disciplining yourself to keep pushing forward

Early in the morning, after bringing me a cup of coffee in bed, my partner played this really amazing video of motivational speeches. The one that stuck with me was this woman, she described Motivation as an excuse to not do something. I’m sure you can think of a time where you said to yourself, “I’m just not motivated today, I’ll start tomorrow first thing.” BUT then we don’t and so it carries on. As she continued, a really interesting, simple and effective way of disciplining yourself was explained: think of yourself as a rocket launch. Let us say you have woken to your alarm at 5 am but you’d much rather go back to sleep. Start the countdown 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… LAUNCH! Just sit up. You can use this tool at any point for anything you need to do but don’t feel like doing. It sounds too simple but is honestly a fantastic way to get your mind saying, “This is going to happen at the end of the timer.” After you have done this for one morning it will become a habit and you will be set for disciplinary success.

Help others but learn to say No

The number one way to make yourself feel fulfilled is to help others. This does not mean that you need to use your time doing something for your friends who can’t be bothered learning how to do it, from the numerous times you’ve tried to teach them. This means carefully selecting people who deserve your help and those who are willing to charge into it and learn. Just think of it like this: When you make friends, you will grade them into different categories which basically ranks their importance in your life. The one thing that is constant across all friends and even family is that after time they start to feel entitled to your personal life. That doesn’t sound bad but what about when you are hiking and they call you while you are supposed to be “unavailable.” We feel emotionally compelled to answer that call, then after 15 mins you have suddenly committed your afternoon to help your mate “tweak their business’s website.” Damn, this is not saying you can’t help your friends but you need to help yourself before you can help others and if you can’t learn to say no, you won’t succeed and you won’t be able to help others. You will be stuck in a perpetual motion of over-stressing, no time for reflection and burn-out. Help others but learn to say no.

Last but not least

We are not saying that you have to be a hardass but you need to remember: If you are not working for yourself, you are working for somebody else. This essentially means that everything is your fault, including all the success. Get up and go, 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… LAUNCH!

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