How to Focus on your business and make it Successful

Firstly, there is something we need to make sure of, it is important for every business and it is fundamental to success…

You need to be happy.

A business does not have problems, we have personal problems that reflect in our business.

If you are happy, your businesses will follow suit.

We help E-Commerce Business Owners succeed online with our Positive Mindset training & Automated Digital Marketing Strategy coaching, that will give you explosive results, using the following process:

  1. You’ll be personally mentored, using a step-by-step recipe that will guarantee your success.
  2. We’ll help you to get from where you are now, to where you want to be using Mindset + Actions = Results
  3. You’ll be selling your product or service online consistently down to the dollar and the day using the automated digital marketing strategy that we will show you.

We’ll Show you How to achieve this here, in our Case Study about one of our businesses (Step 1)


“Your Success Is About What You Focus On & The Guidance You Get Along The Way”

…and your idea of success is how YOU define it…

Do you constantly doubt yourself?

At every point in life, you are climbing a non-stop mountain called ‘Progress Mountain’.

The first time you are to look back down and see where you have come from, you’ll wonder whether you have gone far enough or… “should I keep going.”

This is when the cloud of self-doubt seems to roll-in and a lot of Entrepreneurs stop at this point because they can’t take the fear of the not knowing what is to come. It is a tragedy that a lot of Entrepreneurs take the safe approach and settle, by getting a job or avoiding growth, even though they are so close to a break-through.

We’ll show you what we mean in our Case Study (Step 1)

click for Larger view.

Stop Doubting Yourself and Feel More Confident

How to Feel More Confident and defeat Self-Doubt in your Business?

It’s at this point, keep your head down and make sure you keep putting one foot in front of the other, setting small goals (we’ll talk more about how you set goals a bit later) and just keep marching on.

This can be a lot easier in theory than in reality, HOWEVER, like any task, it will become easier the more you practice. This is made a lot easier if you have a Mentor to help guide you and motivate you through the self-doubt stages.

After a while it will become habit because you have practiced so much that all those people who doubted you, they’ll be asking, “how did you ever get so Lucky?” You can reply like Gary Player,

| “The more I Practice, the Luckier I Get.”

You will inevitably start to feel self-doubt lingering over your head as you approach your next goal, however, this time you’ll feel a sense of familiarity because you have been here before. Your Mentor won’t have to help you as much and you will be conquering your self-doubts and fear. You’ll start to notice that failure doesn’t exist and it is only an opportunity to learn.

Each time you face the cloud of Self-Doubt and walk through it, you will notice it becomes smaller and smaller until it eventually disappears. You will keep climbing your ‘Progress Mountain’ with vigor, confidence and strength and even Transcending your ‘Progress Mountain’ where nothing is impossible!

We’ll outline what we did  in our Case Study (Step 1)

click for Larger view.

Where Do I get a Great Business Mentor?

Business Mentors with actual knowledge and skill are a dying breed.

There are a few things to watch out for when selecting a Quality Business Mentor:

  • Interpersonal Skill – Are you able to get along, knowledge is great however if you can’t understand it, it won’t be much help.
  • Experience – Clear, Decisive and simple descriptions of their experience
  • Gut Feeling – Do they feel genuine to you?

You’ll notice that we have not written anything about money. Money cannot be used as a factor because what price could you put on a future of success?

How ‘Natural Skin Care Remedies’ is getting over 20k views a month without ADs in our Case Study (Step 1)

Lawrence Robinson M.F.B.A.B.C

No B.S Business Mentor & Mindset Coach

Lawrence Robinson

Mia Gordon R.A.F.O.B.S

(Non-conformist) Online Business Strategist

Mia Profile

| “Failing in Originality is better than succeeding in Imitation”

As Entrepreneurs, we all have the desire to succeed with our own ideas and concepts. There have been thousands of Entrepreneurs that nobody knows because they listened to the negativity of someone who told them it wasn’t possible for them.

What if you could Ignore all the Negativity, Focus on your Business Goals and the right objectives to build an Online Business that allows you to get right in front of your ideal customer?

True Entrepreneurs don’t get stuck on the negatives, because of their FOCUS.

How do you stay focused? It’s hard to do without guidance from someone who has been there before you, and understands

where you are at & where you want to get to

Rebellious Online Business Strategy

FOCUS is the most important habit of all successful Entrepreneurs

If we take a look at any of the following Business ‘Greats’:

They all have one trait in common even though all of their businesses are different, They FOCUS on their goals without influence from anyone.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “I don’t even know what to focus on, that’s why I’m here”.

Well, that’s where a business mentor comes in.

You need someone who can help mold your “stuck” thinking into the mindset you need to have, and help you get your business on track.

HOWEVER, That is contradictory to FOCUS. What if you could have TWO mentors?

A Business Mindset Coach, One who could help motivate you to chase your goals and ignore the negativity, that the world seems to radiate while turning every situation into an opportunity and;

A Business Strategist, who can help you streamline your current business by reducing wasteful processes and creating the systems to get your Online Business working like a well-oiled machine with the customer acquisition predictability down day and dollar.

There’s a good chance you’re not seeking Frank Kern or Jeff Bezos levels of success, but maybe financial freedom, less stress, more time off and the ability to enjoy life without financial worry?

If that is you, (that was me when I started out in 2003), then we can show you how to achieve all of that, in a way that suits your personality and lifestyle!


How We Build Huge Traffic Momentum & Sales For A Business

  1. Someone who has a great product or service, but doesn’t know how to effectively reach the people who are most likely to want to buy their stuff.
  2. Someone who has got to a certain level, reached a plateau and can’t seem to get past their current blocks and grow their business further.
  3. Someone who feels completely overwhelmed and stuck, and doesn’t know where to go (or if they should give up) from here.
  4. Someone who has no idea where they “are” (that’s fine with us) but knows they want to create their own definition of freedom in life, and is just looking for a place to start!

We’ll show you how it Works in our Case Study (Step 1)


Who our training is NOT for:

  • Anyone who is looking for a get-rich-quick “take their money and run” system. Our coaching involves commitment from us and YOU, we stick with clients until THEY say they are confident enough to “grow it alone” whether that’s 1 month or 100.
  • Anyone who doesn’t sincerely want to offer a product or service that is of value to the right people when they find them.

→ Whether someone is on their journey, with a new idea and no website, to someone who has already been on a learning curve and has some level of success, we can meet them where they are.

→ We can then assess what they need to do, to drop, or to add to their resources, on a personal and practical level, and mentor them through from where they at – to where they really want to be.

→ We have had experience in and coached a very wide range of businesses to break through their glass ceilings, and have the skills to jump into every opportunity they wish to pursue to grow their business.

→ Clients learn how to FOCUS on the right things, and discard anything that is holding them back, both mentally and monetarily.

Example Case Study

We offer weekly or monthly guidance/coaching with actionable tasks and marketing strategies (many are non-conventional but are completely safe, ethical and search engine/user friendly).

Some clients like weekly online meetings and daily emails/chats to implement strategy plans, others prefer monthly sessions. We can even customise what individuals or teams want – so they can hit the goal targets we discuss in strategy meetings faster.

We’ll show you how it Works in our Case Study (Step 1)

Or Book A Free 30 Minute Consultation and we’ll give you some ideas for how you can Start Building Traffic Momentum & Sales For Your Business (with or without our ongoing help).

Who We Are

Mia Gordon has been an Amazon author, and online business entrepreneur since 2003. Before that a property developer and business owner.

She’s also a helicopter owner/pilot (but that’s just for fun not work).

Mia has built her own, and helped other companies large and small, grow their market share across many niches.

Lawrence Robinson has been dabbling in website development and online marketing since he was in high school. In the last few years however, he got seriously into online marketing. He’s been trained (some might argue “contaminated”) by Mia’s online marketing rebel thinking (aka not doing what everyone else does just because it’s trendy, only do it if it works mentality).

Lawrence is also a flight instructor and his students all say he has a unique talent for being able to motivate people past their challenges. He is a no-nonsense, still caring individual who will accept no excuses in his commitment to helping people reach their goals.

Apart from loving flying helicopters, Mia and Lawrence are both passionate about helping people reach their online goals, and more importantly, helping people define and reach their own definition of financial freedom.

You can also sign-up for our Online Course – For FREE.

MINDSET + ACTION = RESULTS Course & Training

  • What is still relevant
  • What’s new and useful
  • How to get more traffic to your website
  • How to find and attract better Quality Visitors to your website
  • How to get higher Google Rankings, through onsite optimisation and social posting (it’s a myth that you can’t use social to get links)
  • How to reduce Ad Spend
  • How to increase onsite conversion rates

What can you access in the student dashboard

  • Download your FREE Extended Course Workbook & Course Lesson Worksheets.
  • Download your FREE copy of our Copywriting Essentials For Content Marketing Book.
  • Download your FREE Product Idea Generator Worksheet.
  • 11 day email course, & get instant access all lessons worksheets now.

Join our 11 part condensed digital marketing course with free worksheets

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Lawrence Robinson Business Coach
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