How To Know Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Working

If you have gone through our Digital Marketing Principles Course and have implemented what we teach, this is how you’ll know it’s working.

You should have Google analytics installed, so you can see traffic improvements. If you have tagged and tracked everything, then it takes it easy to measure improvement.

Some improvements you can expect to see…

  • You have more traffic to your website
  • The traffic to your website is more relevant
  • Your bounce rates have dropped
  • The time on site is higher because your offsite content is more relevant to your website and therefore so are your visitors
  • Your audience is more engaged, and so they look at more pages onsite
  • The cost of paid ads have dropped
  • Conversion rates increase
  • Adwords click cost drops and conversion rate increases
  • Sales increase for lower cost
  • Customer satisfaction improves because they have been well educated about what to expect before buying
  • You have a steady stream of ideas to promote your website because you are tracking what works in detail
  • Your free time and productivity increase exponentially
  • You can see clearly what you need to do or drop from your task lists
  • You have more incoming links to your website which improves organic search rankings and therefore organic traffic to your website
  • Your brand reputation increases
  • Your overall marketing costs decrease comparative to return on investment
  • You know what is important and there is no confusion about what you should or shouldn’t do
  • You should see an increase in conversions on your website, the better the quality of your traffic to your website, and it’s usability, the higher the conversions.
  • You feel in control of the growth of your online brand

You can track all of this in Google analytics, Google webmaster tools and Facebook business manager. Data is only helpful if you know how to use it. If you understand what you are looking at, you can figure out which pages convert the most people to sales. You can also track what content is producing the best quality visitors to your website on social media and other platforms.

We teach you all about how to use your tracking data to plan future growth in the most cost efficient way in our members only webinars.

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