Quick Google Plus Checklist

Google Plus Site Optimisation and Traffic Strategy


Google Plus meets several SEO and search relevance goals when launching and promoting a website. It can help new sites get out if Googles “sandbox” (probation period) earlier than if they did not choose to use Google Plus. This is because Google likes links from it’s own sites, and counts them as credible.

  1. SEO links from Google Plus pages are counted as actual links to a website from Google itself. They provide credibility especially for new websites.
  2. Google Plus posts may also show in search results which dramatically increase the likelihood of a click through to the website from a private search. See example below under policy.
  3. Google Plus images are favoured for showing in Google image searches.
  4. Google looks at relationships with authoritative and relevant identities. How this helps a website is that it gives Google a very clear indicator of who and what relevance the website has to the audience. This means that if your website or account is connected with similar or overlapping audiences with similar interests, this may influence what content is shown to searchers seeking information on these topics. In other words – the relevance score of your Google Plus audience can directly influence how pages that have been shared on Google plus rank in search results.


Google Posts need to contain high quality images with a Bolded title and 200 plus characters describing the page the post links to. Links need to be added via the link field. You can Bold a title and make it a “Title” by adding *asterisks around it like below “Best Time to hike to Machu Picchu Best Time to visit Machu Picchu”:



Google Plus posts are like mini posts in their own right. People searching Google Plus for images or searching collections can find your content easily. So creating one to several posts about every page gives maximum exposure for each image and post.

Create multiple posts and descriptions for each GPlus post describing the image and page paragraph each image is associated with. Title should be the same with *Title* emphasized.

Follow the followers of big companies in your industry.

Comment of big sites images/posts when relevant. Post to relevant communities two times a week.

Add photo albums when possible to collections. Use keyword rich titles with soft calls to action in the text. Use hashtags that relate to other big players.

When adding photos, if the page you want to link to has great photos (and it should), submit your page via the URL link. This is because Google treats these posts differently and gives them more kudos. They consider these higher value links to your website.

Google plus posting procedures


When posting to Google Plus (and circling people) quality is key, quantity is not.

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