How To Use Instagram

What is Instagram?

First of all, you need to understand what Instagram is. Instagram is a social media tool that uses visual impact above all else. The top Instagram accounts are either people famous on another platform or, THIS is really important, people who take beautiful photos and have amazing content to go with it. At this point you’re starting to lose hope BUT, amazing content doesn’t have to be long and beautiful photos can be taken on a high-end cellphone.

Where to start?

Instagram is all about relevance and consistency.

Relevance –

You need to find your passion first, take a relevant photo first and then write content about it with relevant tags to make sure it gets to the right people. The more relevant your photo and content is, the more people are going to view it and like it. The more people who view and like your photo, the higher you will place. The higher you place the more people will get to see your photo and so on.


This is the step where most people fall down. Instagram is NOT about posting 500 posts on the day, it is about posting ONE super-relevant and high-quality photo with an amazing punchline and those trending hashtags, EVERY-DAY.

“Why every day?” you ask. By now you will have read and experienced a lot of the course, through that you will have found out that Google looks at your website, looks at the relevance and quality of the topics you have written and if you have Ads, Google wants to find out if you know what you are talking about.

Instagram is much the same, except your posts, are being judged by PEOPLE. You will become an authority on Instagram if you can speak to the wishes of your market on Instagram. We aren’t telling you about your market, we are giving you the basis to do your research, make the right steps and become an authority on this fantastic platform.


People love stories, we all love to see inspirational stories of success, funny videos of failure and interesting facts or some combination of the above. Creating a story on your Instagram account that gives people a raw look at your personality, business and life will build a connection.

This is the same in real life when we share our lives with others and form a trusting relationship. You may not be able to feel trust with your followers because they can’t share their lives with you, but you sharing your life gives them a connection with you which builds loyalty.

Loyalty will always equal return customers for a business and so it is EXTREMELY important to build that relationship. There is no better way, on Instagram, to build loyalty then showing snippets (Photos and Videos) of your daily life, each day.

These stories need to be high quality, have the correct tags (relevant to the topic you are talking about) and be genuine. Being genuine is probably the hardest part of making stories but, if you show that you are human ( with Emotion) people will instantly connect with that emotion you are displaying and you will have a bigger impact on your followers.

Make it part of your life

Instagram is a life choice in a way, you have to do it every day. It may only take 2 minutes to make a post and a story but consistently done every day, over a year that is only 12 hours overall.  That seems like such a small amount of time but, the amount of influence you will have created because of your 12 hours will be well worth it.

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