How To Use Pinterest Checklist


Achieving viral spread of Actives own and client photos using keyword rich descriptions and searchable #hashtags.
Pinterest has a lot of viral potential and boards can rank in Search Engine results


Use high-quality photos and videos that have well-researched keyword content based on popular or trending topics. Use popular #hashtags in your posts and similar keywords to posts and boards with lots of likes.


Use google analytics converting keyword phrases to search for trending topics. Google trends is another good source of keywords.

  • Choose high-quality photos that include
  • Fun
  • Awe
  • Curiosity
  • Fascination
  • Images – good quality pictures and videos
  • Add # hashtags
  • Add URL if uploading image from a device
  • Comment on other posts

Use statements including phrases like:

  • How to
  • Why people
  • You could
  • If you
  • Ways to
  • Top reasons to
  • Tops reasons why
  • Why it’s
  • Things to consider
  • Important thing to remember is

Add a link to your page, preferably link to a page where the image is placed on your website. You can test this by adding your URL in the Pinterest upload and checking which photo Pinterest tries to select.

It should be the clearest nicely formatted image on your page.

Post comments on other related board pins – especially bigger sites with 1000 plus followers.

Remember to include most important points for your audience and topic, be helpful and knowledgeable at the same time.