How To Use Twitter Checklist

How To Write The Perfect Twitter Update

How to boost the potential of your tweets, write a perfect twitter update – every time.


  • Marketing to your audience
  • Entertaining your audience
  • Educating your audience
  • Answering questions – on your website
  • Engaging with other twitter accounts and their followers
  • Link building by encouraging other people to link to your best content

Is your purpose to:

  • Share important information?
  • Start a valuable conversation with your followers?
  • Gain insight into your followers, or a topic?
  • Spread some happiness?
  • Get your content in front of the right people?

Value Based Tweets

  1. Add value to your audiences life
  2. Are entertaining or engaging


Use The Right Voice And Tone

“Voice doesn’t change, but a business’ tone should vary based on a situation.  If a follower did not have a positive experience, a business’ tone may be more sympathetic and understanding.”

Give your audience a familiar tone even if it is a different message so they recognise it’s you.

Use An Original Unshortened URL If You Can

So it is easy for people to share it and build another link to your website for Google and other search engines to index. Incase people link back to your page from other places, you want Google to index YOUR url not a URL shorteners)

Use The Right Hashtag(s)

  • Tweets with Hashtags have twice the engagement
  • Tweets with two Hashtags have the most engagement
  • Find trending and popular hashtags to use in your own tweets as long as they are relevant
  • Also include people – other twitter account holder and give credit where due. Often they will follow you and share your stuff.


Chunk It

Break your onsite pages and blog content down into chunks, then link back to the page they came from. If you have great pictures, use them.


Post At The Right Time

Convince and Convert discovered that engagement is 30% higher on Sundays than any other day of the week. MeetEdgar and other software programs are good at helping you pick the best times to tweet.