Identify Your Social Media Business Goals: What Are Your Ideal Results? 

When it comes to developing an effective social media strategy, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Maximizing the efficacy of your social media strategy means tailoring it to your specific business goals. Moreover, defining business goals means more than just pulling some aspiration numbers out of thin air. While it might be cool to have 1 million Facebook followers, that isn’t necessarily a meaningful business goal around which to craft a social media strategy. Rather, when it comes to developing business goals, you need to align these goals to your ideal results and then develop and implement your social media strategy accordingly. How can that be achieved? For some inspiration, let’s take a look at some examples of social media business goals.

Grow Your Following

If one of your business goals is to enhance the visibility of your brand, you may want to focus on improving your social media following, particularly focusing on accruing new followers from within your target audience.

  • Figure out what social media platforms your target audience is using. If you’ve invested heavily in establishing a presence on Facebook, but your target audience tends to spend more hours per week on Instagram and Twitter, you aren’t going to have as much luck growing your following. The key here is to conduct market research to figure out where your target audience is and then establish your presence on social media accordingly.
  • Reach out to influencers. Influencers are social media users that are widely regarded as influential and reputable within your niche. Getting an influencer to share your content can be an excellent way to boost your following.
  • Set a regular posting schedule. It will be difficult to grow your following if you aren’t posting at regular intervals. Set up a posting calendar and make sure you adhere to it.

You can’t grow your following overnight, but with diligence and persistence, you can expect to see results within a couple of weeks. In addition, when setting a goal, be sure to make it realistic — you’re unlikely to be able to grow your followers by 100,000 in one week. However, 1,000 within a month could be reasonable.

Increase Social Referral Growth 

Did you know that social media now drives over 30 percent of all referral traffic? In fact, social media has surpassed even SEO as a driver of referral traffic. If one of your business goals is to drive more traffic to your website, it is worth tweaking your social media strategy with the idea of seeing more results in terms of social referrals. A referral program can make a huge difference here. Tie your referral program into your social media strategy, and offer rewards for customers who share the program on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Improve Social Engagement 

Many brands out there have a huge social media following but a very poor engagement rate. The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter how many followers you have — if people aren’t engaging with your social media content, it is unlikely to have much of an impact, as it means you aren’t building relationships with your followers. If one of your business goals is to develop better relationships with your customers and encourage repeat purchases, it is in your interest to improve your social engagement rates. High rates of social engagement correlate with improved customer retention rates.

The key to improving social media engagement is ensuring your content aligns with the wants, needs, and interests of your target audience. There are also several tips and tricks you can employ to increase the chances of your audience responding to and sharing your content.

  • Make use of games, contests, and giveaways. The trick here is that people have the potential to be rewarded for engaging with your content, which automatically boosts the chances that they will take the time to engage. For example, you might try encouraging customers to share their favorite story about your brand for a chance to win a gift card or provide a free product to the first 10 people to share a post.
  • Leverage the power of visual content. Study after study has clearly shown that visual content drives higher engagement rates. To get your followers to engage, invest the time and resources in producing content with high-quality, compelling images.
  • Ask questions. When posting, ask questions. Whether you’re asking them about their favorite product or their weekend plans, people are always more eager to engage when they get to share their own thoughts.

When focusing on improving engagement, you also need to monitor your engagement rates. This way, you can figure out what posts are seeing the most engagement and then leverage these strategies in future posts.

Boost Your Quality Traffic Conversion Rate

Boost Social Profile

Social media is an excellent tool for driving customers through the conversion funnel. It can also help you with improving the quality of conversions. In other words, it can help you get the customers who are most likely to make a purchase into your site. For that reason, this an excellent business goal for brands that are looking to increase their sales. To boost your quality traffic conversion rate, keep the following in mind.

  • Write compelling and relevant CTAs. It’s no secret that compelling CTAs are a surefire way to improve conversion rates. However, you can boost quality traffic conversion rates by specifically targeting your CTAs to your target audience, incorporating their wants, needs, and preferences.
  • Implement social login features. Research shows that roughly 8 out of 10 users won’t sign up for a registration process if it requires them to go through a registration process. Conversely, 77 percent of users will sign up if it only requires a social login. Once you’ve put the effort into attracting your target audience, you can boost conversion with social log-ins.

Ultimately, it isn’t just about how many people are converting, it is about who is converting. With improved conversion quality, your brand will see increased sales — and an improved bottom line.

What You Need to Know About Setting Great Goals 

In conclusion, while the goals discussed here are a good place to start, you ultimately need to do your own thinking and research to figure out your own business goals and how to align those goals to social media results. Is improving engagement to boost customer retention rates the main focus? Do you want to attain a 10 percent reach on all of your posts to maximize the visibility of your brand and improve overall brand recognition? Do you want to improve the ROI of your social media marketing strategy by increasing conversions?

When setting goals, keep in mind that they need to be measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. You want realistic goals that are relevant to your overall business objectives and can be achieved within a reasonable timeframe. Remember, the more time and resources you put into identifying the social media goals for your business, the more successful your strategy will be.

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