The Importance Of Headlines In Your Writing

Make a statement, Be Bold, Be Punchy and Captivate your Audience. Let me show you how.

Headlines are the announcers of your content. Your heading needs to hook readers’ attention and not necessarily obviously tie into your product or service.

The reason for a heading isn’t to offer an item or make a sales pitch. It is really an advertisement for the rest of the page. Saying “hey this page is worth reading”. because the rest of the page is what is taking your reader through an experience, to an end call to action.

It’s a seed planting exercise, and that seed should sow your authority on the subject and a connection with your audience.

Headlines can inspire, than can promise to solve a problem, than can create curiosity. If you inspire someone, provide them with value, or hope, they will hopefully want to read further. “All this from one heading?” Yes, Absolutely. You need them to read your heading and know that by reading your article their question will be answered.

Your heading is the beginning of a journey, guiding them to an action you would like your readers to take. You have their attention, so now you need to deliver on what you promised, gain their trust and show your authority on the subject. If you change the topic during your content you need to let the audience know by giving them a heads up for your intentions.

The five ways to create clear Headings in Marketing Content:

  • Create skipping stones for skim readers in the form of Headings, sub-headings and bullet points for them to jump to and tell a short version of your story.
  • Make your text clear, use white space to emphasise important points.
  • Make your offering clear.
  • Use Bullet points!
  • Use beautiful, corrected sized and formatted images to make your point and engage with your audience.

Headings are also a big signpost for search engines to follow. They not only tell humans what your page each paragraph, under sub-headlines are about, but also search engines. Headlines and sub-headlines give context to the rest of the content on your page.

Articles with good carefully constructed headlines rank well in search engines. They should also condition an audience, bringing them closer to having the confidence to make the decision to buy. As we show you in our course, conversion rates are better on pages that have well thought out headlines.

So use them like a stepladder – stepping down the page guiding readers through an experience they are engaged with, right to the bottom of the page.

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