Lesson 10: Increasing Your Productivity While Avoiding Overwhelm


  • Feeling overwhelmed by too many things to do.
  • Not knowing what tasks are important.
  • No being able to prioritise what was important.
  • Paying for services you don’t need.
  • Don’t know how to optimize the delivery of ads.


  • Eliminate holes in your time management and expenses bucket.
  • Go through our template system to establish an order and an easy to follow system for marketing your business.
  • Put your energy into the planning of your strategy so the execution of it is easy.

Without Having To:

  • Pay for extra systems or software.
  • Feel pressure to be a time management expert.

A lot of new clients come to us because they feel daunted at the prospect of competing with the professionals in digital media marketing. Sometimes that are feeling confused and overwhelmed by it all.

It’s not really surprising considering the amount of strategies being sold as the newest best thing.

The problem with paying attention to trends is that they come and go. Eventually they just blend in with all the other fads on the Internet.

When you’re building a digital marketing strategy from the ground up with a very clear intent and purpose however, you are never under the same pressure as the companies who are trying to keep up with the latest thing, or fighting for the audiences attention with content that only holds momentary interest.

If you understand what’s important to your audience, and what they are interested in on a long-term basis, it’s much easier to plan out content that will hold their attention for a long time.

The main reason internet marketers stall, is a lack of clarity around what they should prioritise – or what’s important.

What really matters is:

  • Being purposeful with every activity you do. Knowing the objectives of writing every post and purpose of using a specific platform.
  • Being helpful and where possible linking posts on social media to more helpful information either on your website or someone else’s.
  • Being targeted, making sure that you have carefully selected the audience your post is directed to, or written for.
  • Don’t give yourself too many things to do at once. It’s much better to pick a specific audience intent, and focus on that activity through to it’s competition. Write down who you’re talking to, why you’re talking to them and how you are trying to help them. Then what you want them to do next after reading your content.
  • Correct spelling and using quality non blurry or pixelated images.
  • Testing and measuring everything. It’s better that you take time to make sure what you are doing can be tracked and measured before moving on to the next task.
  • Being well-prepared and have your content description in plain sight, so you always stay focused on your objective – what do you want to deliver?

What doesn’t matter and should be avoided:

  • Trying to reach too many people at once. This is expensive, your onsite and engagement and conversion rates will suffer.
  • Doing too much. Don’t rush on to the next task. It’s better to put it off and do everything well and thoroughly before moving onto the next thing.
  • Other than spelling and image quality don’t try to be perfect. You’re not going to be submitting your online content to an English professor. It’s much better that it is readable and relates to your audiences intent than having fancy words or super formal word etiquette.
  • Don’t use a lot of plug-ins especially on WordPress sites. These can be a magnet for hackers and if they don’t format correctly on your website or share content with weird formatting of all will do was damage your reputation.

Download worksheet Lesson 10 (PDF) for 8 steps to curing overwhelm. You can also using our scheduling spreadsheet to help you schedule your work funload.

Below is an example of a content schedule we use for posting content:

[sdm_download id=”16350″ fancy=”1″]

Tiny To Do List Tasks

The bottom line

Focusing on one task at a time with a clear objective is key to productivity.

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