Just because you think you haven’t succeeded, doesn’t mean you haven’t!

What are you talking about, I feel like a failure

I want to just let you know right now that if you are thinking about your failures, you are more successful already then most arrogant “know-it-all’s”. Take that and force it into your brain,” If I fail, I’m Learning. If I’m Learning, I’m Successful.” Succeed When it comes to making a success of yourself it is not about making money and that’s where most people miss the mark. If you love what you do, the money will come. The problem is when we start a business, we need the cash income and it is difficult to keep a clear head and make clear and decisive decisions toward making a successful business. If you feel like you are drowning, there are a few steps to start on a road to redemption and then success. While you continue reading, let us send you our Private Newsletter filled with some more insights: [mc4wp_form id=”19552″]

Steps to redeem your business and start on your road to success

I am still learning. Every day I try to find someone or something to learn from. If you make one small success every day, after a year it will add up. Let’s look at how you can get yourself out of the hole and start down a new road to success:

  1. Make a list – How can you expect to know what needs fixing if you don’t identify the problems?
  2. Prioritise your items – You have to be brutally honest and prioritize each item according to importance.
  3. Each Item breakdown – If each problem requires multiple activities, break them down into things you can do each day.
  4. Wake-up early, Go to bed late – Don’t waste any time during the day. If you have time, you should be busy with an item on your list.
  5. Exercise & Sleep – You have to make sure you at least walk each day or go to the gym and sleep when it’s time to sleep. If you can survive on 5 hours of sleep, you need to wake up at 6 am and go to sleep at 1 am.
  6. No Treats – Let’s be real and brutally honest, you have gotten yourself into the shit. BUT, if you have succeeded throughout the week… get yourself a coffee with the Mrs and enjoy the time you have together. Then back to the grindstone.
  7. Budget – Before you go to the shop to buy your weeks groceries, make a list of the minimum items and ONLY buy those!
  8. Pay your bills First – Before you think about buying anything new, pay all your bills and add extra to your debts. Let’s get rid of those bastards.
  9. It’s lonely at the top – Your friends come second but family comes FIRST. If you have to choose between work and going for a beer, you CAN’T afford the beer so you have to work.
  10. Balance – Everyone will say you need balance, but currently you’re insanely top-heavy on the lacking side. Look at it this way, you are restoring Balance so stick to it!
  11. Consistency – Rinse and Repeat. These are basic concepts and all it takes is a simple list to change your life around.

Keep yourself honest

I know it sounds obvious but you have to be brutally honest with yourself. If you are wasting time during the day staring at your Facebook feed instead of working on your list, You need to understand that nobody else is going to care. You are only harming yourself and prolonging your suffering. In times of hardship, all you feel like doing is… nothing. Unfortunately, that is not going to get you anywhere and only get you further into the poo. It’s going to be hard and I know that you will struggle to keep motivated but if you can just dig your heels in and keep at it you will be surprised at how fast you can dig yourself out. Take a look at our article on motivation, it’ll give you the boost you need to keep you on the straight and narrow. You need to create your own motivation each day if you want to have any chance of succeeding.

Pay it Forward

I know you can succeed. It is only a mindset, anyone can do it. Imagine a random guy walked up to you and knew your struggle. He then continued to help you out of the hole and took all the pressure off by showing you the way forward. You could be that person to someone who could be that to someone else and so forward. The world needs help and if we can each lend a hand, we could change it for the better. When you succeed, you have to Pay it Forward. As soon as you start to feel that fire in your belly that you are starting to get somewhere, find the nearest person and be that guiding light that we have hopefully been for you.

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