Lesson 8: How to Lower the Cost of Paid Social Marketing


  • Social media ads can cost an exorbitant amount especially if you don’t know how to target your audiences and select the right ad formats properly.
  • Poor landing pages and experience increases the cost of your clicks dramatically.
  • Poor conversion rates – ads not converting to sales.
  • Not tracking properly so cost is high and not enough data to tell you what is or isn’t working.
  • Can’t use data to make improvements and deliver long term value.


  • Create landing pages that are highly relevant to your ads and audiences.
  • Choose the correct ad targeting and ad types.
  • Add all features you can to improve your brands ad share.
  • Use different types of ads for different stages of your visitors needs and wants.

Without Having To:

  • Spend hundreds of hours trying to figure out what traffic is worth paying for.

Lowering the cost of your paid marketing comes down to 3 things:

Relevance, Helpfulness and Delivering Promises.

Both Adwords and Facebook platforms will charge you less, in some Adwords cases ΒΌ of the price of competitors for the same position, if you focus your efforts on these principles.


If you are writing ads for Facebook, you will be rated by a relevance score. That means the relevance of your ad to your audience.

If you are writing ads for Adwords, your keywords will be given a quality score. That means your ads, and landing pages are closely relevant to your keyword and searcher intent. If you also use ad extensions (more on these in a future webinar), your ad is even more relevant if it contains text and links that are deemed useful to your audience by Adwords.


If you are writing ads for Facebook, your relevance score will be based on ad content and it’s usefulness to your audience.

If you are writing ads for Adwords, what you promise in your ad and what your landing page says, should offer something of value in the form of information or an offer.

Delivering Promises.

Adwords landing pages relevance to your ads and keywords have a huge impact on quality score and ad rank. These two factors are a quality indication by Adwords that your landing page delivers what it promises to satisfy user intent.

If you say Download This Now in an ad, then you need to make sure your page has the download link or visible available.

If your ad and keyword talks about something, then the landing page the person clicks on needs to contain what you promised. Google measures time on website as well, so if the visitors bounces off your page and clicks back to search again, that can impact both your quality score, AND your organic Google search engine rankings.

Be Specific.

It is far better to market to a smaller number of highly targeted people, and break down your ads into groups that tightly match one intent. For example, if you were selling Shoes, you are much better to break down shoes into separate categories like Ladies, Men, Kids, Heels, Boots etc than creating a big generic ad and trying to reach everyone all in one go.

Start off small in a targeted way, and you’ll pay less. It’s easy to spend alot of money fast – if you use a shotgun approach.

If you follow these rules, and be patient by grouping your audiences, and creating ads for each group. Results are also much easier to track.

Always set up Pixels for Facebook OR Adwords site tracking for Adwords, so you can select audiences to market to later.

The three most important things you need to lower the cost of your Paid ads are in Lesson 8 Worksheet (PDF)

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