I want an Online Business, HELP!

I’m New to the Online Business Space, where do I start?

The first thing you need to do is your market research to assess the demand for your products and services. If you have done that, you can set up your website. If not you can learn how to do that in this (members only) Lesson 5: Audience Identification.

Create a custom website

First of all, you need to create a website. If you haven’t created a website before we’d definitely start off by acquiring an account with a hosting company. If you have a website going already, skip to the content creation section.

Dos and Donts

Through years of experience, we have found that you get what you pay for. We would STAY CLEAR of “Blue Host” and other $3 deals strewn across the web.

We RECOMMEND a company called Lightning Base who have been nothing but exemplary. If you’d like to choose your own hosting company, take a look at our list of considerations.

Here are a few points to consider when looking for a hosting company:

  • Know the website you want to build (Size, CMS e.g WordPress, Flexibility of Host to change to your needs)
  • Server Reliability and Uptime guarantees
  • Will you need an upgrade, can they accommodate that easily
  • Number of Domains you want
  • Sign up costs and recurring membership costs
  • Refund Policy if needed and Privacy Policy
  • Features of the Hosting service
  • Support, are they fast at responding or do they offer online chat support
  • Online chat services, are they local or an offshore service
  • e-commerce features and support
  • Control Panels for backend customization
  • Account Limitations
  • Email Accounts, do they offer them
  • Subscription Period
  • Site Backup
  • Server Responsiveness

Once you have selected your hosting company, you need to check for a Domain name and make sure it reflects your company.

The best website domains end in either:

  • country code e.g. New Zealand is .co.nz
  • Internationally .com

Ok, I have a hosting Company, what next?

Next your Online Business needs a CMS. You need to decide whether you want WordPress or WordPress haha.

The reason we strongly recommend WordPress is because of its extensive customisability and the great plugins that are available to make the website exactly the way you want.
Let’s go over a few reasons why WordPress is so fantastic for building your business’s website:

  • Loads of Themes
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Fast support for all issues
  • Writing is easy with the built-in editing system
  • Upload and Embed media directly into WordPress without plugins
  • Mobile and Desktop versions of WordPress to make changes on the run
  • You own your content and you will never lose it if you move between hosting companies
  • Built-in Social Sharing controls
  • Statistics, easy to read and understand
  • Search Engine Optimised, this is by far the best part, you can OWN your target organic search results

Simplicity is Best

Now that you have a hosting company, Domain Name and you have decided on WordPress as your CMS (Content Management System), it is time to create your website.

The best way to start is to head over to “Appearance” and select a Theme for your website. The standard ones will do fine for a basic website but if you already know how to use WordPress, you will most likely want to get one from an external developer.

There are many different companies that produce high-quality themes with a lot of customization to give you that one-of-a-kind look.
To add the theme, in the themes area, click Add New, and upload the .zip file that you downloaded after you purchased your theme. In unusual cases, the file may be zipped twice to extract the .zip file inside if it fails to install.

Here is a video on how to install a WordPress Theme:

Here is a video on the basics of Using WordPress, Once you have a basic understanding of the interface we will continue with Content Creation below:

Content Creation

With Online Marketing, you can have the most amazing product, an insane amount of traffic and even the right price BUT if you have not portrayed this in your content the potential for conversions will be lost. Online Content is broken down into three pieces:

  • Copywriting
  • Pictures
  • Call to Actions


Mia Gordon Book

Mia Gordon, the Author of CopyWriting Essentials For Content Marketing, has spent the last 20 years involved in the Online Marketing space. She has worked with small one-person businesses to multi-million dollar corporations and has completely changed the minds and processes of everyone she has worked with.

CopyWriting is a skill and art form BUT without it, you will really struggle in the online environment.

When writing Copy you have to be compelling with an amazing story. Now if you can imagine, writing a document on how to use Law documents, how the hell are you going to make that interesting? Well in our CopyWriting Essentials Ebook you will learn how to completely captivate your audience, we cover the following points:

  • Definition of CopyWriting
  • Qualification & Preconditioning
  • Different Types of Readers
  • Motivation Human Factors
  • How to Write Copy that Sells
  • Writing for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Overcoming Writers Block
  • Conclusion to CopyWriting


This is a pretty self explanatory section but it is amazing how a lot of businesses overlook this part BUT images sell. Every time you go out to MacDonalds, BurgerKing, Dominos or some other take-away fast food outlet there are always amazing images that make you excited to eat their food. This is exactly the same in any business and you need to understand how important it is to create or purchase pictures that relate to what you’re offering and induce feelings of happiness in your customers.

Here are some key factors in deciding what pictures to put on your pages and posts:

  • Photos get roughly 90% more interest than just text, that is just one photo
  • Customers are 60% more likely to look at your information if they see a photo relating to what they are looking for
  • Customers relate the quality of your product to the quality of your photos
  • All the reviews in the world won’t change a customers mind if your photo makes the product look average



Call to Action

At the end of your beautifully written content and stunning photo you need a compelling Call to Action.

When creating a Call to Action, the following advice is going to give you the edge in creating conversions:

  • Use a strong, compelling Verb to start your CTA. “Sign-Up to our Newsletter, if you run an Online Business you’ll love our weekly Tips & Tricks”
  • Use Words that provoke Emotion and Enthusiam
  • Give your audience a Reason to act
  • Create a reason for them to fear, Fear Of Missing Out, FOMO
  • Know your platforms
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative and stand out
  • Use Numbers instead of Words, it stands out