Overcoming Audience Objections & Concerns

Many writers are understandably nervous about Audience Objections and bringing up topics that “poke” readers feelings around their concerns or underlying scepticism. It’s a natural fear for writers that by identifying objections, you might scare or turn people off.

This is ONLY a valid concern if you don’t quickly move the reader toward a solution for those concerns. Statistics show that brands who address a consumer’s concerns are actually seen as more honest and are perceived as providing higher value than those who try to avoid addressing them.

Prospective customer’s concerns and problems offer you a chance to engage with consumers. It’s an opportunity to show them that you are an authority by answering questions that can become bigger objections if not dealt with. These can and should be “crossed off a customers hesitation list” prior to being asked to commit and pay for something. Often consumers are not even aware of the reason for their hesitation before making a purchase, and may be looking for validation by their peers to alleviate any subconscious issues before buying. Reviews are a great example of this, people like to read reviews because it gives them a sense of feeling like they have done their homework, and won’t feel like a fool if they discover they made a poor buying decision. An educated buyer who understands what to expect from a product or service BEFORE they buy, is generally a happier customer.

If you don’t address a prospective audience objections and concerns by demonstrating that you understand them, and are happy to address the points that are important to THEM, you are missing the opportunity to build trust and the foundation of a solid relationship with them.

Discussing your audience objections and feelings, helps them in the following ways:

  • Helps them recognise any hidden issues they may have (bringing it from subconscious to conscious).
  • Shows the consumer that you understand their concerns, which makes them feel validated.
  • Gives you a chance to walk the consumer through any issues, and help them past objections (often before they become obvious to them).
  • Gives you a chance to draw attention to the positives your company has to offer as a solution.
  • Removes obstacles to buying, starting early on so by the time they are ready to buy, they are confident to do so.

You can address concerns in various ways. One way is to talk about solutions for concerns different consumers have already in FAQ’s. Another is to bullet point a list of issues, and address them one by one. We cover these in detail in our course and book.

You can “normalise” these issues by showing the reader that these are reasonable concerns, other people have them too and they are justified in having them.

You can almost connect with your audience like they are sitting next to you asking questions, and you are answering them face to face.

By doing this you are building trust, and walking them to a decision, not just leaving them to decide without you, if they are confident enough to buy from you, or go somewhere else.

Help them feel positive about the opportunity to achieve their wants and needs and enjoy the feeling of dealing with you even before they buy.

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