Breakthrough Copywriting: How to Generate Quick Cash with the Written Word



In this book, you’ll learn how direct marketers shatter sales records with the written word.

Many people find copywriting confusing. But Breakthrough Copywriting makes it simple—by breaking everything down into a clear, step-by-step process.

There’s something for everyone. New copywriters will get a complete toolkit. Experienced marketers will benefit from new strategies and tactics.

You’ll discover:

• How to build a powerful sales message that makes money
• Secrets of headlines that all but force prospects to read your message
• Easy shortcuts to creating profitable bullet points
• Negative optism: a revolutionary new way to create empathy with prospects
• Stories that boost sales—how to write them, step-by-step
• Insider secrets for “amping up” the emotional power of your copy
• How to put it all together to build trust in prospects and close the sale

Whether you are a freelance copywriter, an entrepreneur, or a marketing professional, you’ll get tips, tools and templates to easily make the written word produce a lot more sales for you.

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