“The Wise Guy’s” Copywriting Handbook: How To Create Marketing Messages And Offers They Just Can’t Refuse.



This book is a simple, down to earth guide, even a blueprint, for how to write compelling marketing messages and irresistible advertising and direct response copy. It includes no-nonsense explanations, worksheets, and reference lists to give you the knowledge and capabilities to create messages that compel people to notice and respond to your promotions. It is authored by direct response copywriter and marketing strategist, Anthony Policci who is often referred to as the “guru’s” secret weapon. He is the former vice president of Piranha Marketing, Inc., and founder of Absolutely Brilliant Concepts, Inc. In this book, you’ll see the exact methods of writing copy so compelling it may literally cause customers to beg you to take their money. Why? Because the words you choose and put into print have power. Incredible power. This book will teach you how to become intimately involved with that incredible power, and…be able to use it to win over your audience. But you must have a willingness to learn. As it’s been said in places as great as the bible and as enlightening as Spiderman comics, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Your responsibility is to use the secrets in this book to ethically sell more of your products and services…to craft marketing messages that people will read and respond to by opening their fat wallets and handing over their cash or credit cards. In this book, you’ll discover: *The REAL Purpose of Copy *Why Certain Fonts Matter *What’s TRULY Important To Your Customer *What The “Wise Guys” Profiling Process Is All About *How To Create Desire *Why Testing Matters *What The Most Important Element of Any Copy Is *Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your Copywriting Take action now…learn the tips, tricks and brilliant ways of writing copy so compelling, the only question a client asks is… “where have you been all my life?”
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