Website Report for Search Engine Optimisation


Knowing why your website is ranking the way it does is 90% of the battle. As soon as you know why it does what it does, you can formulate a plan to make your website traffic take off.

Your Website report is an extremely comprehensive outline of your website and how it is ranking for your major keywords.

E.G. If you are a plumber who specializes in hot-water cylinders, we will engineer your report around your specialties so that you can create an action plan to get more clients in your specialty area.


The Website Report includes the following sections, which have advice on how to fix each section, for you to read through:

  • Your Competitors
  • Your Competitors for your search term
  • Analysed search terms
  • Top 10 Ranking Score
  • Search Engine Ranking Factors Performance
  • Report Overview
  • Keyword use in Title
  • Number of Backlinks
  • Anchor Texts of Backlinks
  • Keyword use in body
  • Age of Website
  • Keywords in H1
  • Keywords in domain
  • Keywords in page URL
  • Mentions on social site
  • Server Speed
  • Keyword use in H2-H6
  • Keywords in Alt Img text
  • Top Level domain of website
  • Keyword use in body text
  • Number of visitors
  • Keyword use in same domain anchor texts
  • Keyword in outbound anchor texts
  • Link URLs
  • Keywords in Meta Descriptions
  • Readability of Website
  • Search Engine compatibility
  • Factors preventing you from Top Ranking
  • Tables with all keywords, positions, density, words, characters
  • Ranking Factors Digest