Promote your Business Online

How can I Promote my business online?

Promoting your Business Online can be done in so many different ways, we’d be here all day discussing the different methods BUT not all methods were born equal. A primary consideration for marketing online is what does our Effort VS reward graph look like, you don’t want to be putting in an effort and getting a marginal reward. This sounds obvious but you would be amazed at how many choose the hard work route because it seems logical, but the Online Marketing space has its own logic. What our Effort VS Reward graph looks like (From trying everything, which you don’t have time for): How to Promote your Business We expect there to be a lot of effort initially but once you create your machine it will grow exponentially and your efforts will grow understandably with a bigger business but your reward will be through the roof and you’ll go to work every day, loving what you do.

Ways to Market your Business Online:

We focus on a few primary ways to market your business, they are:

  • Website Content Optimisation ( Don’t underestimate how important the creation of quality content is )
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Link Building, to the right places
  • Organic Search optimization (Creating links and getting Google to “Respect” your Website as a Quality source)
  • Social Media strategies (Getting your social media to work for you. We don’t want a “spammy” reputation, it will affect you negatively)
  • Google AdWords (Boosting traffic and getting quality leads that haven’t come from organic searching)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Social Media Platform Ads

Social media for your Business:

Social Media is an important way to Promote your business online BUT it can affect your business negatively if used incorrectly and appears as a “spammy” way to boost traffic. Consider this example, as a Chef acquires great ingredients to create a beautiful dish. We need to create quality links and content in order to acquire quality leads from all of our hard work. If that Chef decided to get processed, ready-made shortcuts, he will be able to serve more customers but the previous loyal customers will leave as the quality dwindles. In the short term, this doesn’t matter because the Chef has more customers and therefore more income. But after a while, everyone becomes aware of the dwindling quality and slowly the base of customers starts to drop off. Regaining reputation will be very difficult as the Chef has now associated with a poor-standard. This same concept works with your Online business strategy and we must make an effort to portray our quality and value to our customers. They become loyal & returning customers who want to keep coming back for that amazing product or Service you’re offering.