Quick Tips for Improving Your Google Ads Quality Scores

Video Transcript:

This video is about optimizing your keyword quality score.

So what is quality score all about? Quality score is determined by keyword and ad relevance, landing page relevance, click-through rate and less obvious factors like visitor bounce rate.

Google wants your keywords, ads and landing pages to be relevant and satisfy the intent of each search query.

How well you are doing this is represented in your Google ads account by your quality scores, landing page experience and ad relevance grading.

To see your keyword quality scores and relevance grades in columns, click keywords, and from your keywords page select modify columns in the upper menu, and select quality score, ad relevance & landing page exp.

If keywords have a quality score of 6 or less, and your landing page exp, and ad relevance show average or below average scores, then you need to focus on improving your… landing pages, ad relevance & click through rate.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Does your landing page do a good job of answering and satisfying the intent of the search term?
  • Do your ads grab their attention?
  • Do you have site links available to take people to other helpful resources on your website?
  • Do you have at least 3 to 5 different ads in each adgroup and active ad extensions?
  • Do the search terms in each adgroup have a tightly related intent that is similar to other keywords in the ad group?

If ad CTR is below 10%, you’ll need to improve your ad copy and try more test ads.

View separate video on how to write better ad copy.

Satisfy your users and Google will reward you with higher ad ranking, more impression share of the market and lower cost per click.

Keep improving all of these factors, and you’ll keep improving your quality scores and achieving all of the above.

You can see all of this in action in our longer Keyword Quality Score video on the same Youtube channel to see how this works in practice.


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