Researching Your Competition

Go to Amazon, support forums, Facebook comments, or even Ebay reviews to see what people expect generally from your types of products or services. Write down what they are happy about, what they complain about and most of all what they appear to care about the most.
Competitor Advertising

Where are your competitors currently paying for advertising? If they are doing over a reasonable time frame, then you can safely guesstimate that they are getting some kind of return on that advertising.

Go and have a look at their ads on Google and Facebook Check out their landing pages and see what they are doing with that traffic. You can learn a lot about how your competitors are converting people by reverse engineering the path of a visitor backwards from the landing pages to the ads they run.


What are your competitors’ Unique Selling Propositions? How can you include those if possible in your content. Standardize them as “normal” if you can, and then do better so you become the standout.


What kind of content do your competition syndicate, re-publish from other sources? What gets read and paid attention to from that content? This can tell you what your competition and possibly yourmaudiences respond to.


Keep an eye out for months, by lines and common phrases your competitors use. If they are not proprietary or trademarked, you may be able to use some combinations of these in your Search Engine Optimisation of pages. We will get into this later, but this can be a powerful, (still ethical) way to capture organic traffic from your competitors.

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