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(Bonus 3 for subscribing) Fiverr is the world’s largest freelance services marketplace for entrepreneurs to focus on growth & create a successful business at an affordable cost. We LOVE this software after trying many others (resulting in much frustration and expense). Edgar is so easy to use, and cost efficient. If you click this link and become a Edgar both you and use get a $10 credit. If you use the code 2ndchances you’ll also get a 20% discount (shhhh don’t tell anyone).

Wordfence WordPress security. Easy to use and great security options.

Generatepress themes. The cleanest fastest wordpress theme we have found. And you can use it on all your websites for low cost.

TipsandTricks For really good quality user-friendly and robust WordPress plugins.

Learndash Plugin we have used previously for courses. Great quality fast turnaround banners for ads and websites.

Lightningbase Hosting. In our opinion the most reliable and helpful hosting. Also lightning fast with no php hosting conflicts.

Codecanyon for awesome apps, themes and other useful resources.

Dropshipping Course Ecomelites is the lowest cost yet most comprehensive dropshipping course. It teaches you very good marketing principles also – not just for traffic but also long term ranking.

Dropshipping Websites Personally there are only two themes I recommend for drop shipping. Shopify has a monthly ongoing cost and if you use Oberlo Or Dropified you’ll pay their fees on top of that. If you choose a theme that works instead of the latter two apps with Shopify like EComTurbo, or if you prefer to use WordPress, you can use Alidropship. Read my blog posts about dropshipping in the blog.