Lesson 11: Growing Your Following On Autopilot


  • Paying for software you don’t need to.
  • Spending time on activities you don’t need to.
  • Automating things that shouldn’t automated and not automating things that can be automated.
  • Spending lots of time posting with no real order.


  • Less is more, knowing what to focus on eases pressure.
  • Spend more time planning, less time doing the hard yards.
  • Use automation sparingly and learn how to make it highly profitable when you do use it.
  • Use Social and paid ads to increase your organic and free traffic sources.

Without Having To:

  • Pay for expensive automation software – and if you do it should give you a massive return (yes we can show you how).
  • Be overwhelmed by systems. Set up and monitor your system easily.

A summary of the many ways to gain digital marketing momentum:

  1. Link to your website. Everywhere you can, think about how your social and online content activities can be shareable and linkable by others. Make your pages easy to share and link to.
  2. Follow and share other peoples content where it is relevant to your audience.
  3. Use other peoples social handles in your posts, and create posts that are also easy and appropriate for them to re-share or re-tweet etc. Include them so they are more likely to do so.
  4. Utlilize trending topics and hashtags in your own posts.
  5. Use awesome images that people will want to use in their content. If they are your own unique photos, and you are happy for them to be shared, add them to Flickr with permission to use them with a link back to your website.
  6. Create Google plus albums and Pinterest ones with great photos. These can show up in Google images searches.
  7. Create helpful “series” so people want to come back to your content or website.
  8. Use a newsletter on your site for updates about more content.
  9. Think: how can I make this useful for an influencer of my audience to use on their content. Infographics are an example of this. Neil Patel at Quicksprout is really good at this.
  10. Contribute to other peoples content in comments, be engaging and answer questions as an authority.

The key here is be helpful to your own audience but also the audiences of people with influence. And make it enticing to link to content with long term value. Pages with lists or how to’s are excellent for this. Be helpful and an authority in your niche!

Social Momentum

Learn from your data.

Everything you learn from what you track and monitor, gives you a new baseline to start your next level of content marketing from.

Eliminate activities that revolve around content your audience are not engaging with. If a specific type of content doesn’t contribute directly or partially to either the time the visitors spend on site, or leads/sales, then lessen or eliminate your focus on those tasks.

If on the other hand, you see content that contributes in some way to either the engagement of visitors onsite, then it’s worth expanding on or repeating in a slightly different form.

Follow and engage.

Engage with your audience but also influencers of your audience. Contribute to their content and engage with their audiences too. If you talk to people on someone else’s account, there is a good chance they will want to come looking for you on yours.

Write down ideas.

Write down ideas, questions and anything that might be of interest to your audience. Save it to add to your Master List. That includes links to interesting topics or articles.

Keep taking the best of what you learn, and applying it to the next marketing period.

You can also keep a journal of observations you make along the way. It can be interesting looking back through past thoughts and ideas, to see how your marketing has evolved.

Download Worksheet Lesson 11 (PDF) as a guideline for growing your following.

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