What Most Social Media Marketing Courses Are Missing

You don’t need to spend much to be a good social marketer

As an internet marketer since 2004, I have watched the rise of Social Media from zero to a frenzied marketplace with all kinds of businesses jostling for position.

Back in my early days online (15 years ago), the only traffic we could get came from AdWords, referrals and organic traffic generated by some serious link building and carefully crafted onsite SEO.

There were fundamental rules you simply could not break if you wanted to grow and avoid risking the loss of rankings – and traffic! Those rules still apply today, no less.

For all of us marketers who have lived through all kinds of marketing trends, it’s weird and often disturbing watching the increase in social media marketing methods that have the potential to do huge damage to a websites search engine rankings.

Competitive Marketing

Search engines want to deliver a searcher to the BEST and most helpful content. They measure visitors satisfaction on your website pages, like a visitor’s time on site and bounce rates as well as onsite relevance to the search made to establish where the website should rank.

If you are sending a ton of not-very-targeted traffic to your website from social media, the biggest threat isn’t the obvious drop in conversion rates you can expect, but the long term effects on your organic rankings (free traffic).

Search engines look at the relationships your website has with other pages, websites and your audience, all of which contribute to the health of your reputation.

When we did link building back in the early 2000’s, it was crucial to ensure we got incoming links from quality sources.

So when social arrived, we saw it as a way to find the same quality people to connect with, and get links from – like we always did before.

That’s why practices like paying for likes, or prioritising likes and shares as goals makes us SEO and CRO’s cringe. It’s the opposite of what we do!

On the other hand, Social Marketing when used with an SEO mindset, let’s you target who you deliver content to, and build relationships in a way that wasn’t possible before. This can have a powerful impact not just on your social traffic, but on your long term website traffic as well.

Serving your audience with awesome, helpful content is how you build trust and happy customers. You can also do this in a way that search engines (and you) can measure!

Everyone wins, so why don’t people talk about this?

Social Media Advertising giants are businesses, of course, they want website owners to depend on them to reach customers. Why would they encourage you to use free options when they prefer to sell you their paid ones? There is no incentive to protect you from any poor practices.

The fact is – you can use BOTH free and paid options together to gain massive leverage from your budget and over your competition.

 Digital marketing successWith the right mindset and implementation of the tools available to you:

  • You can encourage or attract long term links to your website from authority websites (that enhance your reputation)
  • You can build trust with your audience so when they arrive on your pages they stay longer, which helps your Google rankings
  • You can deliver the best content that is right for your audience, because you know what they want, and they are more likely to buy something
  • You can massively reduce the cost of paid advertising and increase your impression share in the market, because social algorithms will love you and reward you too
  • You can have a very clear laid out plan to follow, based on knowing exactly what you need to do satisfy all the right types of people for your business.
  • You can measure results – and keep on improving and serving your potential and existing customers with awesome content they love.

This is what we think should be normal, don’t you? It isn’t!

Our normal is really not difficult to achieve, if you combine all of the “thinking” – or “mindset” of a SEO, Conversion optimisation, content marketing (from before the days before social), and link building into the whole of your Social and Digital Media Marketing strategy.

Then you can take every advantage of, and avoid the pitfalls of Digital Marketing.

Conditioning your mind so you can see clearly is like Michelangelo having first seen a painting in his mind before painting it!

Before you can learn what to do and how to do it, you need to understand what it looks like, and WHY you’re doing it.

It’s only when you can see it that you can achieve it!

Teach Me SEO

We don’t believe in one size fits all “sausage factory” content, and our goals are NOT just short term.

Fishing SEO

They are based instead on a “wide angle” long term sustainable view!

So many people have similar questions, and struggle with similar issues, and they are mostly based around what people are led to believe they should do, rather than what is right for their business. That’s why courses without added mentoring and guidance can be risky.

The ultimate package is one where you can learn the how to’s like in the Udemy course (opens in new tab) below, but before you do that, learn critical concepts, and adopt the mindset of experienced term digital marketing experts who are not only focused on immediate traffic, but also using all digital marketing activities to build long term search engine rankings and organic traffic.

The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1 Marketing Course

So what then is the way forward? 

Well, the course above is one of many that teach you HOW, but the WHY and the WHO is the first step to understanding exactly what you can achieve. Knowing exactly what your audience wants, where they are, and how to broaden your organic reach by using social media makes it a lot easier to do.

When I say organic reach, I mean how to achieve a range of goals – not just short but more importantly LONG term so that your efforts today = ongoing traffic from many sources, not just social media.

You cannot rely on standard “one size fits all” type digital marketing strategies alone and expect to succeed

You need to be developing traffic and awareness from sources that are not at the mercy of the next Social Platform or Search engine algorithm change, and TinyToDoList Private is designed to show you how.

The less you rely on what trends everyone else is following, the better your chances are for long-term success, and ironically, when you stop chasing reach, likes, follows and quantity rather than quality, and instead take the time to follow a true biz/dev driven digital marketing ethos, everything from your Google rank to your onsite conversion rates will usually improve anyway, as a side effect.

I personally have devoted thousands of hours over the years learning as much as possible about how content on the web gets discovered. There’s far more to marketing online than most people realize, and while Social Media is an important part of any digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing and SEO is not just about the quantity of activities you act upon but about the quality!


The most important considerations when considering a Social & Digital Media Marketing Course are really around doing really good market research before you start, understanding what that means, and therefore how you can best deliver awesome value to your audience on a consistent basis.

Rather then just focusing on reach, likes and traffic, and the number of people you can get your brad in front of, focus on the quality of your content, and the quality of the places you promote that content.

If you focus on quality and very targeted marketing techniques, you can increase on page conversion rates,  attract links to your website from non social sources (other websites) and improve your search engine rankings.

Techniques we utilise take almost no extra time to implement but give us an enormous amount of extra leverage – strategies that most digital marketing courses don’t cover unfortunately. That’s not because they are wrong or misleading, but rather because they are focused on the center of something much bigger. When you see the bigger picture, you can make much better use of the same tools to achieve much greater things!


Boost Social Profile

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  • Create irresistible content people what to share with others.
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