Streaming on Twitch

Why would I want to Stream on Twitch?

Twitch is the biggest online platform for streaming anything from e-sports, social gaming and even your day-to-day life.

Now don’t get Streaming confused with online video, that award goes to YouTube. Streaming is a LIVE feed of your camera showing the viewer an unfiltered and unedited “show”.

This makes it the best platform for talking directly to your fans and loyal supporters. Of course not every business is going to need a Twitch presence but if you are in the business of building a brand, becoming a social-queen or something that involves public relationships, Twitch is the way to get it done.

Now firstly we need to look at what kind of businesses/people would benefit from Twitch:

  • Public Figures
  • TV Personalities
  • Gaming Professionals
  • Athletes
  • Gamers in general
  • Brand ambassadors

If you are in the business of selling wholesale steel this really isn’t necessary to your business’s online requirements.

However, if you are any of the above-mentioned people/businesses and you enjoy gaming socially, Twitch can be a method of further brand awareness and a revenue stream.

An Example of Twitch streaming as Revenue

I’ll give you a great example of a not-so-great college student who became famous by literally being a complete donkey online. We won’t mention any names but this character started a Twitch channel casually while still in school in order to make a few extra dollars each month. He was a very angry person and soon gained a following just off the back of being a complete Jackass to everyone online.

He was eventually banned from twitch but was allowed a probational period after 2 years.

Currently, his streams can amass over 30000 viewers on most days and all he does is play games.

The road to gaining a following on Twitch is a long one but if you are a business owner during the day and you enjoy gaming at night, Twitch could be the way to grow your brand and satisfy your gaming needs.

How to gain a Twitch Following

There are a few things you will need to do in order for you to gain any kind of following:

  • Be consistent – Have a schedule and don’t be late. You’ll need to dedicate at least 4-7 days a week.
  • Hours not minutes – You’ll need to make your channel into a daily show, a minimum of 3 hours is recommended for people to get their fix.
  • Be Entertaining – You need to have a personality. If you are generally reserved and monotone Twitch will probably be a waste of time for you, BUT everyone can learn how to be entertaining.
  • Be You – Unless your brand or onscreen personality is based on acting, just be yourself and create relationships with your viewers.
  • Give back – Viewers love to interact with the streamer and if you create personalized emoticons, special ranks, and other benefits then you will attract more followers.
  • Don’t take it personally – You will get nasty people online, that is the internet. What matters is how you deal with them, rather ignore the people making rude comments or ban them but DO NOT, retaliate.
  • Keep a Theme – Give yourself a theme, a specific manner and run with it. Create your own style and be unique.

It is an evening or morning schedule that you will inevitably be doing for the rest of your life, but you could be doing worse things like filling in paperwork instead of playing games in the comfort of your own home.

How to make Money on Twitch

Money making on Twitch is simple in theory but fairly complex in execution. This is really only a concern if you are planning on making your online business completely about gaming.

Let’s be realistic though, the biggest YouTube star PewDiePie, has made MILLIONS of dollars off of silly gaming videos where he just has fun. So keep your head down, keep pushing forward and strive for what you want to achieve.

There are a few ways streamers make money on Twitch

  • Subscribers – Yes people can subscribe to your channel to directly support you.
  • Bits – Bits are like, Twitch coins and they can cheer you with Bits for doing cool stuff on your stream.
  • Donations – A lot of the top streamers use donations as a way for fans to get a direct message to them. In essence, you leave a message with your small donation and the streamer gets a notification and will read it live. When you have 30000 people trying to talk in one chat, this is definitely a way the real supporters can be sure to get there questions or compliments across.
  • Endorsements – Top gamers get sponsored by certain companies to spread awareness of their product. This equates to free products and money in the Streamers pocket.
  • Ads – Twitch plays ads when someone first joins the stream and certain streamers have the ability to air ads at their discretion.

There is one point that I have not mentioned yet as it requires it’s own explanation.

Your Own Website, Brand, and Authority

As far as being a full-time streamer, you could make a living off just playing games and streaming for your couple hundred loyal fans. HOWEVER, you could further capitalize and increase your following by using the following extras:

  • Website – I cannot stress enough how much further you could get with a business website, brand, and merchandise or downloadables for your fans to further support you and feel like they have a piece of you. Without sounding creepy your are creating a relationship with hundreds of people and they all long to be made feel special, the best way you can do that is to show how much you care by making something they can purchase to have a permanent and tangible item to know they are part of the team. Tiny To Do List offers an awesome course on the marketing of that website, so when “unknown fans” are Googling for the next big streamer, your website pops up.
  • YouTube – The perfect place to upload gaming videos of specific playthroughs, cut-scenes, vlogs for your fans to see the real you and even openings of sponsored products. YouTube is a huge plus when growing your website’s presence and so having a social media presence will exponentially grow your organic presence on Google’s search engine.
  • Brand and Authority – Creating a brand, whether it is just your name or something catchy, will give you an authority over your viewers as you will come across successful and from a place of authority. This will gain you instant respect among newcomers and help you convert “unknowns” into fans.

Putting all these Ideas Together

This equation is going to look a little like this:

  • Let us take your business and put it online, on a beautifully created website with amazing copy (Download our FREE eBook on Copywriting Essentials). Then using our fundamental course, which outlines exactly what you need to grow your traffic, create a Online Marketing Strategy to blow your website up all over the internet.


  • Let’s add a brand to that so that you have merchandise running parallel to your business giving you a bigger appearance (Fake it until you make it) and authority.


  • We’ll add a kick-ass Social Media Strategy to that mix so that you pop up in front of all your potential fans, not just your current ones.


  • Lastly, we will put you in front of your fans on Twitch, showing them that you are also human and they can communicate with you over a LIVE stream and build relationships with your fans.

The possibilities are endless and this is just a Blog about Twitch, imagine the wealth of knowledge we have available to you in our course which incorporates over 20 years of Online Marketing experience.

WE would love to see you on the course and answering all of your questions.

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