What does Business Freedom mean?

The Meaning of Freedom

Well, when I think of freedom it is generally the cliche’ vision of a man running through a field of flowers, with a can of beer in one hand and his wife’s hand in the other… Or something like that.

Is that really it though? The man running through the open field without a care in the world, or so it would seem. All we need to do is dig a bit deeper to unveil some pretty disturbing facts about “freedom”.

This man and his wife, do you think they both want to be running through a field of flowers or is it just the man, or woman who want to be there? What does the woman think about that can of beer in this otherwise perfect image? Do they like what each other are wearing? Do they love each other? Most importantly… Why the hell doesn’t she have a drink?

Ah, so we start to think, analyse and most of us start to doubt the “perfectness” of this scene.

That in itself is the problem with you, your business and the world.

WE all care about what people think.

Learning to not care

Let me just emphasize that I am NOT talking about, not caring for your family and close friends.

Learning not to care about the BS of life has nothing to do with literally “Learning not to care” but about “Learning to Respect yourself”.

At this point, you are most likely confused as hell but just read a bit more and the objective will come.

Respecting yourself is one of the most overlooked and underrated objectives in anyone’s life. When you are the most important person in your social group and everyone is doing what you want, that is NOT Respecting yourself.

What you have done is leverage yourself into a position of power where all your non-self respecting peers follow you because of their sub-conscience fear on missing out. You might say things such as, “If you don’t come out for drinks you’re just a wimp(I use this word but we all know that it’s usually more vulgar)”.

Now you, your non-self respecting self, has just admitted that unless you can force people to do what you want you will feel offended. You really have to be insecure and have no self-respect to think that another human is less worthy for something as pathetic as a drink.

Enough ranting, the point I am trying to make is that no matter what people do or say, it should not affect how you see or enjoy your life.

This goes right down to the smallest things such as: Having a conversation with someone and they start fiddling on their phone thus not hearing your next few sentences… oh well they obviously aren’t interested but who cares? Maybe your story isn’t interesting to others but to you, you like it, you enjoy it and so you should be able to extract that goodness from it without the affirmation of someone else’s opinion.

This extends all the way into business where you know what you are doing will work but everyone is telling you that it is too ambitious and it won’t work. There are allot of Entrepreneurs that have come against their own families and mentors but have had to toughen up and just keep pushing forward.

A Wise man listens, a Fool always talks

This is really obvious but it’s amazing how few people can actually practice it because it ACTUALLY takes a lot of self-control.

Listening to others is the door to endless knowledge (some better than others) but also the key to unlocking their hearts and souls.

When you listen to someone intently you immediately tell them, “ I care about you, I respect you, I want to know more about you, I want to understand you and I’m your friend.”

You can tell them all of that without having opened your mouth and listening intently.

It’s amazing the doors you’ll open and the things you will learn just by listening to someone rather than telling them all about yourself.

You will always only know what you know, but by listening you can learn something every day from others. Sure, you will need to converse with that person but if you can take in what they say and do that with everyone(especially the important bits) you will find yourself understanding more every day rather than just stagnating your knowledge.

If you read books you can exponentially affect this pattern and within a few years your knowledge and understanding outstanding… and all you had to do was listen.

Business Freedom

So what is business freedom?

Let us break it down into bite-size chunks that you can take away:

  • Reinterpret Freedom — Make a change, set a positive outlook for the future and find out what truly makes you happy. For me, having faith is all I need. Of course, there are things I want, The main difference is I have differentiated them and I’m happy without the things I want and I already have everything I need.
  • Respect Yourself enough to not Care — It’s hard enough trying to keep up with day to day life, you don’t need to even bother with anyone’s negativity. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen, you need to take criticism and continuously change because you respect yourself enough to be the best version of yourself. After a while, you’ll soon realize that everyone adds character to your life but you don’t need anyone to be happy. Respect yourself enough to not be a sheep.
  • A Wise man Listens — The only way to learn, is to listen and read. We cannot learn from ourselves because we don’t know what we don’t know. Always listen to others and try absorb all the information that you could learn from, never deny anyone a turn to speak and listen with intent. This will not only build you as an individual, this will gain you respect among your peers. Be the person you wish you were talking to… Be Yoda to all the Skywalkers of the world.
  • Be Honest — Being honest is key to being a person of integrity and high self-esteem. If you lie, you will always get paranoid (don’t even think that you won’t, you’re lying to yourself) and work your way into holes you didn’t know could exist, with horrible consequences. Being honest may not always make you friends but it will always show your integrity which is the only way you should run a Business.

Business Freedom is about knowing what will make you happy, respecting yourself and others, Listening first and being honest even when it is difficult.


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