Why Businesses Use Digital Media Platforms

Online platforms offer a variety of mediums to entertain, educate and entice audiences, with the ultimate goal being to sell products and services to those audiences.

The 3 most common reasons people give for using Social Media for business are:

  1. Because everyone does and so you will miss out on exposure if you don’t follow suit.
  2. Because you can reach a lot of people.
  3. Because it’s reasonably instant reach.

These perceptions are somewhat true, but they are also come with potential pitfalls. Just because you can reach a lot of people and show off your offers, doesn’t mean they are the right people, or that they are conditioned and therefore ready to buy.

Social Media has the potential to build up or damage your reputation depending on how you use it, and who you choose to connect with, or more importantly advertise to.

Any kind of online business brand’s success depends on it’s credibility. Anything you do online gives you can opportunity to build trust and a positive reputation.

This course is about the mindset you need to have to do just that.

How to build trust and authority

Some companies build relationships with their audiences artfully, they understand what we as customers want to see and hear. Others miss the mark completely, even if they have good intent. This is often because they are heavily influenced by what they perceive as the “thing to do to get popular” online. They forget that selling stuff online is a more personal experience, and that they need to allow time to develop their reputation, and share content in the right place, at the right time, to the right people.

How many times have you been online and been exposed to marketing ads that make you think “why am I seeing this”?

Some are great, some totally cringeworthy, and alot are a little more subtle, but essentially deliver the message …


Look at me social

Having a “look at me” content is loaded with the statement “it’s all about ME”.

Would you prefer to deliver value & nurture trust with your audience…or deliver a big loud “me me me” focused advertising slogan.

If your marketing says “hey you, I have something that will [insert benefit], come with me and I will show you how I can help you, or earn your trust, and deliver value”, you are on the right track to long term sustainability online.

The true function of online marketing is two-fold:

1. It is a place to EARN your reputation as someone/a business who can deliver something of VALUE to your audience.

  • Value can mean a feeling, a physical object, a service – something that solves a problem or makes the audiences life better in some way. It can also mean inspiring them with a sense or awe, curiosity, desire or motivation.
  • Making someone’s life better can mean saving time, saving money, producing better results, looking good (if selling clothing items, makeup, or cars for example), or whether they want to achieve.

2. It allows you to build a reputation, links and LONG TERM ORGANIC traffic to your website from Google, other search engines and referral websites.

  • Reputation is the relationship you have between other websites, influencers and authorities, and ultimately your audience.
  • Traffic means a steady stream of visitors from highly relevant high ranking search results that deliver people to your website who have a high likelihood of being interested in what you want to offer them.

And then there is conversion…

Converting more of the people that visit your website into customers means having a website that is user-friendly, with content people can easily digest. It has to answer their immediate questions, and deliver what was promised on your website.

What do your audiences and potential customers want to experience – as a result of their dealing with you?

Your job on Social Media is to take people through a positive experience and deliver value through your content. This presents a whole raft of opportunities for you as a marketer.

Being Helpful Through Social Media

When you are focused on offering and demonstrating value, you know the difference between…




To be perfectly blunt, people don’t care who you are until you show them something that means something to them! Something that serves them and makes them feel at the very minimum satisfied, and ultimately impressed with what you have shared.

Then, and only then have you earned their “virtual friendship”.

I am sure you agree that socially we tend to avoid people who only ever talk about themselves and what they want to sell. On the other side of the coin, most of us like to be around people who listen, and who are actually interested in what we care about.

Your job as a digital marketer is to listen and respond to your audience. Building a relationship with your audience is always your most important objective.

Copywriting Essentials For Content Marketing: How to write engaging copy that sells without selling

Whatever you sell online, knowing how to engage more of your readers, earn trust and increase your online conversion rates is a valuable skill to have.

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Learn the principles top copywriters use to create engaging highly motivating ‘copyfied’ content that sells with integrity and without hype or fluff! Content tweaks to convert more readers into buyers! Build trust and stronger relationships with your readers.

  • Create ‘sticky’ followers that want to come back for more.
  • Create irresistible content people what to share with others.
  • Take the pain out of trying to come up with compelling copy with easy to follow templates and guides that make writing faster and easier.

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