You’ll never get anywhere waiting for other people

What it’s like waiting for people

Generally, people think I’m a nice person, I work hard and I’m brutally honest (That doesn’t always help my situation but people always know where they stand.)

Annoyed, waiting for procrastinators again

This straight-up way can make anyone come across arrogant and especially if you are a driven person and you NEED to keep pushing forward because you have goals you want to achieve.

It’s really difficult for a person (Yes, there are more people who have the same traits ) mentioned above, to wait around when others leisurely take their time, especially when you consider everyday to be of importance because you know that you only have a finite time.

This seems to be 90% of the time though, “Why is everyone so bloody laid-back?!”

We all have different goals and aspirations and this can cause allot of unrest especially if that laid-back person is higher in the food chain.Lets look at an example…

Your manager, who is ultimately in charge of what you do, has taken 3 days to review your work. Your manager now wants you to fix a few things but because of the deadline, you have to complete it over the weekend. You’d understand this if he was swamped but you’ve seen him hanging around talking to people, coming in late after breakfast with his wife and just generally only caring about himself.

What are you going to do?

Take a step back

I know you are eager to hit him over the head with a rolled up newspaper and ask him, “Why are you so dam lazy?”


Take a step back and consider the situation.

Your manager is most likely quite allot older then you, most of the time, and he has worked for years gaining experience and he is now in a position where his eagerness to work has slowed but his craving to enjoy life has kicked in.

This is a pretty standard progression for the normal 9–5 person who just wants enough to live securely and be content.

This is not what you want though so how are you going to get out of it?

There are numerous ways you could deal with this situation:

  • Get him in trouble by reporting him, which would undoubtly make you look like a little shit because your manager was enjoying life up until that point.
  • Talk to him about it — if you are going to criticize a senior person who has worked his whole life and believes he has wisdom… you’d most likely be better banging your head against the wall.
  • Go over his head and hand in the work — gutsy move, but if it is rubbish you will be solely responsible and your manager will most likely fire you.

You are only left with one option:

  • Suck it up

Now, this article is starting to sound like a monumental waste of time BUT wait…

Getting your head out of the Box

This entire article has been geared to get you worked up and bring out the passion that you have been storing away with your 9–5 job.

I want to wind that inspirational spring and let you loose and see where you go.

What do you really want to be doing?

My own Experience

I can only speak from my own experience and so I’ll give you a brief story on how I got to this point.

I have always wanted to be a pilot and it started off from an early age when I started flying model aircraft with my grandfather.

I could not find a rhythm at school but had to force myself through it so that I had the school requirements for flying.

I completed my licensing within a few years and I sat blaming the world for almost a year because I could not find work, in the mean time I just burdened my mom with my entitled attitude and expected to be looked after… typical bloody teenager.

My Jobs leading to the ultimate change

  1. I finally got a job, and my goodness it was a shit hole. I was crop-spraying in the Ceres mountain range, South Africa. After being openly insulted at meetings by my boss, threatened with violence and then court action due to an engine failure in one of their aircraft… I decided to move to New Zealand.
  2. I joined forces at a Gyro flying school and that was better for a while and then it started all over again. I wanted to move forward and improve and the boss didn’t want to change or conform to regulations. Long story — short, court case over unpaid wages and unfair dismissal.
  3. I was fortunate to get another job and it started off amazingly but again, I was not allowed to help build the dream or buy into the company so I was forced to just be a worker. This has never been something I wanted, i always wanted to be part of a bigger picture.

I started taking videos of all my flying, you can see my Vlogs here.

Once I started making videos and designing a website to promote myself, I found myself being singled out again by my employer for HELPING them advertise themselves?

I realized that the only way was to move on. I had to man up and be my own boss.

The World of Entrepreneurship

I started my own company in April 2017 and it has been an amazing experience. I say amazing because it honestly was the best choice I have ever made BUT it has been such hard work.

Starting your own company is not for the lazy because you will have to fulfill every single role and still work as hard as you can to make your clients happy.

The benefit is you are building yourself up, and not somebody else who does not appreciate you.

Look at me now:

Flying around in a Bell 206 Jet Ranger

You are the only Reason for your happiness

When it comes to how you feel about life, you cannot stand around and blame the world because the only part you are in-control of is yourself.

A really easy way to understand this:

A man is looking after his son but he wants to do some things around the house. His son really enjoyed puzzles so,

He tears out a page from a magazine that has a world map on one side of the page.

He tears it up, throws it on the floor and asks his son to put the pieces back together and tape them up.

He walks off downstairs and starts getting ready to go outside and work but just as he is about to leave his son comes running down the stairs and shows him the finished puzzle.

The father just stares and then asks his son how he completed that so fast.

He said, “Dad, on the back of the paper was a picture of a person… I put the person together and the world was fixed.”

The lesson we can learn from this is that if we all fix ourselves we can fix the world and if you feel yourself,

  • waiting around for people
  • feeling held back by your work
  • unhappy with life
  • empty

Take a leap of faith, start with doing what you love. Fix yourself, work hard and get your life where you want it to be then help others do that same.

Its a snowballing effect and with that in mind, who knows what you can achieve and how much difference you can make… it’s all up to you.

If you are finding it hard to stay motivated, take a look at my other article on motivation.

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