Youtube Submission Checklist

YouTube Post Checklist


To offer a visual taste of your brand through videos with inclusion of viral content that is ‘shareable’.


To best promote videos with good SEO value, videos description to be both accurate and interesting. Link URL back to your website for link value.


Find popular and hot trending video topics in google trends and by looking at google analytics converting keyword clusters.

Youtube videos should have concise descriptions, breaking portions into keyword rich titles with time stamps e.g. 1:00 Section One (keyword), 2:10 Section Two (keyword) with links to these.

Make descriptions clear and specific:

Your video should stand out from the crowd and contain viral content and triggers such as awe, fascination, making other people want to do what is in the video and also make it something that makes the sharer of the video look good to their peers.

Determine what content and descriptions will help users find it and distinguish it from other videos. Using descriptive language in complete sentences.

Use Tags Wisely:

Use tags with relevant and high traffic keywords.

Submit Press Release:

Submit a press release about your video, it may be picked up by newspapers.

Give credit when appropriate:

If people don’t know the exact title or other keywords associated with the video, they might search the name of a participant or another website where it’s featured. Be sure to include as much information as you feel comfortable, but be careful not to include anything that shouldn’t be publicly displayed.

Categorise correctly:

The category into which you place your video is part of its description as well. People are more likely to rate your video highly and watch it more frequently if it’s placed in a relevant category.

Add URL and if you like add ?tid=trackingword. This means you can see a visit to your link in your analytics data.

Comment on other peoples videos:

Add URL’s to your videos IF they are relevant. Video replies to relevant content on other accounts. Remember to acknowledge the author for their post and specifically point out something specific you liked or add something that expands on the post. The idea is to contribute something helpful to the post and make it positive so that the page owner wants to approve your comment. If it makes them look good and adds to the post in a positive way they will be more likely to approve it.

Bookmark and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest with carefully selected #hashtags and in article content where videos are allowed e.g. hubpages.

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